Youth service in the moated castle park

The park next to the small lake at the moated castle mitwitz: what an atmospheric backdrop for an open-air church service. On sunday, 24. June, the deanery board of kronach and teuschnitz of the BDJK (bund der deutschen katholischen jugend) moves outdoors again with a special service.
On 24. June goes the "morgenimpu(oo)LS" this year, for the first time on the meadow next to the small lake near the mitwitz moated castle, the event is already celebrating a small anniversary. Detached from rooms, this youth service is to take place deliberately in nature and also near a body of water. The service will again be celebrated by father waldemar brysch and pastoralreferent josef grunbeck. The service begins at 11 a.M. It is organized by the deanery management of the BDKJ kronach and teuschnitz. The musical accompaniment was provided by the band "church music".

Bring a seat

all worshipers are asked to bring picnic blankets, cushions or similar items. Around the castle there are good parking possibilities. In case of very bad weather conditions the initiators reserve the right not to hold the service.
The deanery board of kronach and teuschnitz is looking forward to many participants and invites all interested people to join them.

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