Dormitz council discusses grant for church

The dormitz local council received an application from the catholic church foundation for a grant of 33,000 euros for the renovation work in the church. There was a lengthy discussion about this.

Mayor holger bezold () explained that a grant is a voluntary benefit that can be provided in rank after the fulfillment of the mandatory tasks, provided that the municipality is economically able to do so. "What is our church actually worth to us?", asked local councillor marianne mirsberger (CSU). Many citizens are of the opinion that the council should support the church financially. Lydia bansch () pointed out that the council had always given grants in previous years and should not give approval for this grant. Karlheinz thaler (uwb) said that the amount is not much: "if we do not give anything, I do not understand the world anymore, because it is specifically about the building and not the church."

Mayor bezold reminded of the numerous investments of the municipality in the coming years, there the municipality needs each cent. Gregor rauh (uwb) demanded not to give a letter of intent for further subsidies for the renovation, which would be demanded by the church foundation.

Church caretaker nikolaus demharter informed the council that the state foundation would no longer take over residual financing and that the diocese of bamberg had forbidden taking out loans for the renovation of the church. The requested subsidy would only burden each citizen with 15 euros, demharter said.

Elke molkner () reminded that the municipality must behave like a conscientious businessman. Therefore also the municipality would have to reject credits for subsidies. Karlheinz thaler made a proposal for kindness: the municipality splits the amount over two years and plans 16,500 euros each in the 2020/21 budget. The committee unanimously agreed to this proposal on the condition that before payment is made to the congregation, proof of use must be submitted showing the costs not covered.

New bridge construction without island

Mayor bezold reports to the councils about a discussion with the state building authority bamberg about the new bridge construction at the state road 2240, to which a representative of the government of upper franconia was present. The topic was the defusing of the erleinhofer strabe junction. According to the building authority, the bridge is in a very bad condition. A half-side closure was out of the question, as it would only lead to long traffic jams.

Another crossing aid at the new bridge was not considered feasible and would cause costs of over 500,000 euros, which would have to be borne by the community. The crossing aid would have to be placed in front of the bridge, which would not be in accordance with the existing access to the edeka market. Furthermore, a footpath would have to be created for this traffic island, which would have to be secured on the bank of the brandbach with a retaining wall, which would require a hydrological survey.

The state building authority also made it clear that the planning approval procedure for the bypass was underway and that no changes were planned for the existing through road. The council decided not to pursue the crossing aid in the context of the new bridge construction.

New building plots

In the municipality the building sites are scarce. Thus the local council concerned itself with a citizen request for building land designation in the building area "behind the lorenzer road". Planning has already been awarded. Likewise an examination of the kanalkapazitat took place. The councils unanimously agreed.

Further the committee decided to purchase protective clothing for four respiratory protection carriers of the fire department and a system separator for the protection of the drinking water network at a price of 28 559 euros.

The application for the designation of a play street in the area of steinwehrstrabe was rejected. The committee was of the opinion that the road is only used by residents and visitors there.

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