Finding eternal life

Ten jubilee confirmands looked back at their confirmation 25, 50, 60, 65, 70 and one even 75 years ago in the jubilate church in grund. In his speech, pastor hans-peter goll said that many – despite the long time that has passed – still remembered the special day when they said "yes to jesus christ and the evangelic church said.
Afterwards, the pastor recalled the film "the best comes at the end" (rob reiner, 2007). Here, the white, hard-hearted billionaire cole and the black car mechanic carter, who would have liked to become a history professor, are told by the doctor that they only have half a year to live. They slowly become friends and at the end of their lives decide to do the things that will give their lives joy and meaning once again – parachuting, car racing, sitting on a pyramid. In the end, it is their encounter with each other, their friendship, that makes their lives rich. One learned humanity, the other overcame the disappointment of not having achieved his original goal in life. The best that should come to an end, to experience something majestic, they do not manage anymore.
"Christians, on the other hand, find eternal life in the encounter with jesus christ", said goll. "They are children of god through jesus christ. That becomes visible at the end, when they meet god in his majesty."
katja thieroff and heiko stumpf celebrated their silver confirmation, angela schwarzenau their golden one. 60 years ago hannchen ostermeier and siegfried schwarzel were confirmed, 65 years ago manfred scherbel, 70 years ago karl hartenstein, lisbeth olschlegel and waltraud lorner were confirmed. Gunter thieroff celebrated his crown jewel confirmation after 75 years. Michael wunder

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