Woman slain – seblach under shock

While only few meters further at the well-known seblacher christmas market contemplatively one celebrated, on sunday afternoon apparently a terrible family drama took place. A 46-year-old man is urgently suspected of having beaten to death his 69-year-old mother.

There is only scanty information on the course of events so far. In any case, one thing is certain: out of concern for the woman, an acquaintance informed the police. The officials of the coburg police therefore forced their way into the house in sudetenstrabe late sunday afternoon with the help of the sesslach fire department.

After just a few meters, the emergency services had the terrible certainty that their fears were justified. The homeowner lay dead in her ground-floor apartment. "The body had massive head injuries, which is why we have to assume a violent crime", sabine michalke of the press office of the police headquarters upper franconia communicated yesterday in the late afternoon. Still on sunday evening the criminal investigation department coburg and the public prosecutor’s office had taken up the investigations on the spot.

Son under suspicion

the suspicion is directed against the 46-year-old son of the victim. The man lives on the second floor of the house. He was found on sunday by the officials in his apartment. On the basis of initial findings, coburg police officers arrested the man for the time being.

Subject of lively speculation was yesterday in seblacher the relationship between the victim and his 23 years younger son. The suspect is said to have clashed with family members and neighbors several times in recent years. Allegedly he has already been in psychiatric treatment for this reason.

The autopsy of the woman yesterday morning showed that blunt force trauma to the head was the cause of death. The son will be brought before the magistrate at the district court in kronach at the request of the public prosecutor’s office in coburg. About the exact time of death and the course of the crime there are no details yet. Sabine michalke asked to still wait for the ongoing investigations. Perhaps the criminal investigation department could run in the course of tuesday more detailed information.

Victim was known in town

in seblach, news of the 69-year-old’s horrific death spread only on monday morning. The victim was known and respected in the town. The woman worked for decades in the city administration and was also involved in the support association for the seblach retirement home.

"Something so terrible did not give it in seblach in the past decades", said the mayor of seblach hendrik dressel (free voters). He worked with the victim for many years and therefore expressed his dismay at the news of the 69-year-old’s violent death. After the news of the woman’s violent act had spread, the citizens of the small town were "shocked".

Residents report that they had been worried about the situation for a long time: "your son should have been in a closed institution or a specialized clinic long ago, said a neighbor of the victim yesterday. The shock over the death of the 69-year-old woman is deep-seated.

Voices of the residents

in the meantime, word of the incident has spread throughout the town – even in the nearby supermarket, the crime is the number one topic of conversation. A passer-by living in the same street reported that residents had felt threatened by the 46-year-old for some time: "I didn’t dare pass by here alone in the evening. That’s why my husband always picked me up."

it was known that the victim’s son was undergoing psychiatric treatment. He had never wanted his mother to have contact with the neighbors "that was always a thorn in his side." why, that nobody knows so exactly. Many would have been afraid of the 46-year-old man. "Sometimes he even lurked in the bushes in front of the house." the man is also said to have been violent towards his mother on several occasions.

The neighbor, who had alerted the police, had often gone for a walk with the victim, the passerby reports further. When the 69-year-old had not reported as usual on sunday, the neighbor became suspicious and alerted the police. "When someone doesn’t report, you can’t always expect the worst right away", says the passerby.

Whether the 46-year-old son of the victim is actually the perpetrator, is not yet certain. The investigations of the criminal investigation department and the public prosecutor’s office coburg continue.

A horrific look back at many sad events over the past 20 months

linda in april 2011 the "linda case" shook the people in the city and the district. The 16-year-old girl from coburg was beaten and stabbed to death by 21-year-old jerry, whom she had only just met on the internet, and then buried in the forest near scheuerfeld. Jerry is later convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eleven years and six months in prison.

Family drama on an evening in july 2011, a 66-year-old man in coburg first strangles his ten-year-old son. The next morning, he goes after his 35-year-old wife, who lives separately from him, with a spade and seriously injures her. The man then jumps to his death from the north tower of the morizkirche church.

Major fire in the night of whit sunday 2012, a major fire breaks out in coburg’s herrngasse – for reasons that remain unexplained. More than 300 rescue workers are in action. 16 people are slightly injured, almost 50 lose not only the roof over their heads, but also all their belongings. Property damage runs into the millions.
Plane crash five people die in a plane crash in august 2012. Immediately after take-off from coburg-steinrucken airfield, the plane crashed into a forest and burst into flames.

Ghost driver in october 2012, a ghost drive shocks people: A 31-year-old coburg woman – for reasons that will probably never be clarified – gets into the oncoming lane on the autobahn near bamberg. There is a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle. The woman and her children (4 and 7 years old) die, as do the two occupants of the other vehicle.

Schutzenhaus also in october 2012, coburg puzzles over mysterious (and fatal) shooting in the old schutzenhaus in coburg’s weichengereuth: a 44-year-old woman is found dead – her 55-year-old partner also has a gunshot wound and is taken to hospital seriously injured. There he lies in a coma for several weeks. When he finally wakes up again, a warrant is issued for his arrest for manslaughter.

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