Confusion about the budget

A load of building material lies in front of the town hall in kleinsendelbach. The energy renovation is in full swing, and since there is currently no electricity in the town hall, the meeting was moved to the multipurpose hall.

The electrical work was also the subject of discussion at the round table in the committee, because the right part of the town hall, the room used by the scouts and the meeting room are also to be repaired. Internet connections in every room and the possibility to watch tv are planned.

In may, a bid for the electrical work was accepted in the amount of 29636.77 euros gross. Due to the now additional measures, the bill of quantities had to be supplemented. The increase would be over 6000 euros and the electrical work for the additional work would then total 35 886.70 euros gross.

"Scout room" missing

However, hildegund fischer (village community) does not find any items in the catalog of services that could be used for the "scout room" are intended. Instead, e-mails with the offers for the energy refurbishment to the municipal councils caused some confusion. For in addition to the additional electrical installations, the council was also to decide on a ventilation and air extraction system. In addition to the 11,000 euros earmarked for this, another 11,000 euros would be needed for the electrical work for the ventilation system, according to fischer. "It’s all mixed up. We are awarding electrical work worth 46,000 euros today", said fischer. The documents would show the ventilation system, but in another bid, the electrical work would be itemized with the costs for this ventilation system. "This will be decided next time", according to fischer.

Mayor gertrud werner (independent group of voters) initially agreed with fischer, surprised because something else had been mentioned by the company owner. During the meeting, she tried to call the owner of the company to clarify the matter. Because without the second offer with the electrical work for the ventilation system, a ventilation system would make no sense. Then, however, it seemed as if it was a different offer of the company, in which on the one hand only the devices were considered, while on the other hand it was about the electrical work.

Nevertheless, this was too opaque for hildegund fischer. "There is a lot of money involved", she said and made a motion to defer the agenda item until services and costs are properly clarified. Fischer’s motion was approved by a one-vote majority, although mayor werner said it would delay construction again.

In the previous meeting, fischer had already examined the bids in detail and found the supposedly cheaper bid to be more expensive when awarding the contract for the floor renovation in the kinderhaus because the cash discount had not been taken into account. For the "more expensive offer the council had then voted. Mayor werner had therefore inquired again in the administration. The discount would only amount to 35 euros, but the company wanted 50 percent payment in advance. Therefore, the administration had taken the cheaper offer a few weeks ago, without taking the discount into account. No advance payment was actually wanted, werner defended the administration, which was accused of not examining the bids properly.

Road must be rehabilitated

The road linking kleinsendelbach and grobenbuch is also in poor condition, partly crumbling due to its age and heavy traffic. In any case, the road must be rehabilitated. The company strabag AG would rehabilitate the road for 78 992.34 euros. The price covers an area of 3800 square meters, which according to hildegund fischer’s calculation would correspond to a road length of 950 meters and a width of four meters. Fischer wanted to know whether the road should be widened, since the width according to measurements is only 750 meters. Mayor gertrud werner answered in the negative. "We can’t go into private property", according to werner. In any case, she reassured them, they would be charged exactly by the square meter.

The renovation of the superstructure of the brander weg bridge will also have to be improved financially. Since after building specifications on the part of the building authority higher building costs result, also the fee costs turn out higher. The former 10,000 euros now becomes 23,859.50 euros gross.

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