Bamberg police stop driver under the influence of drugs

Bamberg police stop driver under the influence of drugs

A distinct smell of alcohol wafted towards the police officers who arrived on tuesday evening, shortly before 20.3 p.M., a 59-year-old motorist in the karmelitenstrasse in gundelsheim controlled. In the subsequently conducted alcohol test confirmed the suspicion. With 0.76 promille had the man according to data of the police too much intus and must now count on a one-month driving ban as well as a fine.

With 1.16 promille is a 27-year-old motorist on wednesday, shortly before 0.30 o’clock, into one in the home road in sassanfahrt accomplished traffic control got. Since there was also the suspicion that the man had consumed too much alcohol and drugs, the police officers conducted a rapid drug test, which was positive. Furthermore, according to police reports, it turned out that the 27-year-old also does not have a driver’s license and was driving the dacia without authorization. The continuation of the journey was immediately prevented. After consultation with the public prosecutor’s office, the driver was taken for a blood test and will be reported to the police.

With a blood withdrawal and the prohibition of the further journey in the early morning hours of wednesday, shortly after 1 o’clock, the drug journey of a 37-j?Hrigen was terminated. During the control at the exit bamberg-east, the police officers noticed drug-typical signs of failure in the ford driver. A quick test was positive. He will be reported for a violation of the narcotics law and a traffic violation.

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