Opening is on 12. May

Opening is on 12. May

Brigitte krause and klaus schmitt

karin kraus and britta merkel don’t get much sleep these days. The animal protection initiative (ti) hassberge is currently working hard to set up the animal shelter so that it can go into operation in mid may. The fence surrounding the extensive open area will be completed in the next few days. Inside, the animal pens and enclosures are already largely finished. The walls are decorated with colorful and beautiful pictures, which give the facility a friendly atmosphere.

Artwork on the walls

TI chairwoman britta merkel and karin kraus are pleased with the efforts of laura may, bianca daumer, monika hofmann and annika masurek. They painted the walls. "Have you already photographed this? The signpost is my pride and joy", says britta merkel, who is of course happy about all the artwork on the walls. Many institutions, private donors and companies have also donated for the equipment of the animal shelter in the last weeks. At the moment, the application for an operating license is with the hassberge veterinary office at the district administration office in hassfurt. Animal shelter manager will be britta merkel with her deputy karin kaus. You both have the certificate of competence to run an animal shelter.
Very satisfied are the active, as britta merkel says, with the foyer of the animal shelter. The events and lectures in the animal shelter are to take place here in the entrance hall at a later date. With some actions the operators want to make sure that the animal shelter is an open house and accessible for the population. One of the first opportunities will certainly arise in june or july. Then the hassberge animal protection initiative celebrates its tenth birthday. With a firm in the pound.
First of all, one last very big effort is necessary: on wednesday, 9. May, all members and other helpers are welcome during the day. Then, before the opening ceremony on saturday, 12. May, 2 to 6 p.M. (zeller strabe 1, 97478 knetzgau) cleared up. The big final cleanup is coming up.
The new animal shelter between knetzgau and zell was inaugurated at the end of november. The key as the new operator was given to the animal protection initiative habberge, which is rebuilding the care of lost and found animals in the district of habberge.
In 2011, the animal shelter in hassfurt, then under the management of the animal welfare association of hassfurt city and country, was closed by the veterinary office of the district administration for hygienic reasons. Since then, the care of lost and found animals has not been clarified. The animal protection initiative (TI) habberge temporarily took her over on a private farm in oberschwappach. A new animal shelter was needed.
The search for a site took longer than expected. Possible plots of land in the district were shortlisted, but there was resistance from the population on several occasions. Since february 2015, the district of hassberge had certainty and acquired the property near zell. It could be built.

Municipal task

the cost of the building amounts to 1.7 million euros. The annual operating costs are estimated by the district at 180,000 euros. The 26 towns and municipalities founded their own special-purpose association to run the facility. The care of animals is a municipal task.

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