Kaspar-zeub-gymnasium celebrates summer

Kaspar-Zeub-Gymnasium celebrates summer

The musicians of the kaspar-zeub-gymnasium invited the school family to a summer concert. For the second time, the summer concert took place in the district culture room. The second part was new, where students, parents and teachers sat together with beer and bratwurst and other musical performances.

After the first piece of the brass band, principal renate leive welcomed the audience in the almost fully occupied kreiskulturraum, the auditorium of the KZG. It ended with a preview of the next school event in the district culture room, the performances of dance street on the last weekend of june and the first weekend of july.

The music department offered the audience a colorful potpourri of different styles. The mixed ensemble of strings and a clarinet, which gave calm and harmonious tones to the best, made the beginning.

High school graduate rebekka kolsche then impressively showed how fast she can let her fingers fly over her violin and shone in the piece "prelude and allegro" by fritz kreisler.

A premiere had the funf tklasschor, with the song "C’est la vie" the youngest voices of the gymnasium resounded brightly. Supported by franziska argmann on the piano and accompanied by a clarinet and a trumpet, the little ones had fun on the big stage.

From the youngest to the oldest students it went with the high school graduate daniela krugel, who played with piano accompaniment with the title "slavonic fantasy" made the audience dream of summer. Brilliantly she showed a wide range on the trumpet. Next, the lower school choir had its performance: the students and one student showed confidence in their lyrics and melodies, they underlined their songs with expressive choreographies.

The voices of the teachers

Rocking melodies brought the big orchestra with "rock experience" so that the audience easily snapped along and knew at the latest now that the title "summer joy" was the right one fits to this event.

Another group stood as "capella sine nomine gymnasiensis" on stage: teachers, especially tina rehm and mario gotz in singing, presented "up where we belong and inspired the audience.

Also in the "concerto for clarinet" that followed the high school graduate alexandra kempf sprayed good mood with her clarinet, while she was accompanied by the piano as well as by a cajon by bastian schmitt. The songs of the upper school choir were rocking and in a good mood.

Shortly before the end, the school band took the helm: what could be more fitting than "summer of 69"?? The band succeeded in spreading good mood, so that it was no wonder that already here the first calls for an encore became loud. Without thinking twice, the students quickly followed up with "I love rock’n’roll".

The brilliant ending was set by the school’s large orchestra. Once again, alumni, teachers and students stood together on stage to make music. "Sunday afternoon" took the audience so with, that also here an encore was demanded and appreciated with long-lasting applause

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