Merkel: “germany must get involved”

Merkel: 'Germany must get involved'

At a meeting with german chancellor angela merkel (CDU) in berlin on thursday, ban stressed that "german support is always welcome and highly appreciated."With regard to the debate on new foreign missions for the bundeswehr, he said that the decision was in the hands of the german government.

Merkel also sees german foreign policy facing new challenges. "Germany must intervene to bring certain conflicts to a solution," the CDU leader said in a joint press conference with ban. As examples, she cited the nuclear negotiations with iran, the syria crisis and the conflict in mali. However, it is not a question of "more or less military involvement". Political solutions would always be needed.

Earlier, foreign minister frank-walter steinmeier (SPD) had made similar comments. "It is rightly demanded of us that we interfere," steinmeier told the "suddeutsche zeitung" (thursday). "Germany is too big to just comment on world politics."At the foreign office, steinmeier participated with ban in the inaugural meeting of a new scientific advisory board for the united nations.

The UN secretary-general will be in germany until saturday. On friday, he will visit bonn, where various U.N. Agencies are based after the federal government moved there. German goal is to bring even more UN agencies there. This weekend, the UN secretary general will attend the munich security conference.

As an example of a current crisis, ban pointed to the central african republic, where dangerous religious violence has since developed. "If we do not act immediately and decisively, this will have serious consequences. I also talked about this in great earnest with the chancellor. We must take action together."Merkel said consultations on german participation were still underway. There is also talk of an expansion of the bundeswehr mission in the crisis-ridden country of mali.

The UN secretary general from south korea is visiting germany for the fifth time. Germany is one of the most important donors to the united nations. The federal republic is currently applying for the presidency of the UN human rights council. Berlin is also seeking a seat on the UN security council again for 2019/20. Efforts to secure a permanent seat have been stuck for years.

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