Names& notes

names& notes

Bernd rudiger, district fire inspector a.D. . It was awarded to him by the bavarian state ministry of the interior, construction and transport. Bernd rudiger (60) joined the albertshofen fire department in 1974.

With effect to the 11. October 1980 he was elected commander and held this office for five years. In october 1989 he was appointed district fire chief for the district of the administrative community marktbreit. Finally, in april 1998, he was appointed district fire inspector for the western district, which includes the large county seat of kitzingen, the town of dettelbach and the administrative communities of marktbreit and kitzingen.

He held this responsible position until february 2015. During his active time as district fire chief or district fire officer. District fire inspector rudiger has always been passionate and effective for the interests of the fire departments in his area of responsibility, but also in the district of kitzingen, beinhofer said according to the announcement.

During his entire active time, he has also been very intensively involved in youth work. A great readiness for action and a high level of professional competence characterize his long firefighting career. Photo: government of lower franconia

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