Dog excrement as a nuisance: raise dog tax or not?

The topic of dog excrement caused a lively discussion in the geiselwinder municipal council. Council member dieter hagen had already denounced in one of the last meetings the partly strong pollution with the heaps on the municipality area. Even dog toilets in certain locations were of little use, with dog owners rarely removing the droppings. Hagen pleaded to increase the costs in the future and to pass them on to dog owners in general by increasing the dog tax to eliminate dog excrement.

225 dogs registered

Mayor ernst nickel said that 225 dogs are currently registered in the municipality, and that the tax revenue is 9075 euros per year. Geiselwind already charges together with prichsenstadt the highest fee of all municipalities in the district. 50 euro for the first dog, 100 euro for each additional dog. When he sees what is spent on dogs, then it does not matter 50 euros, hagen countered. At least the second and third dog would have to be more expensive.

Head of administration wilfried hack noted that the municipality may not use tax revenues earmarked for disposal. Mayor nickel proposed to concretize the statutes on the subject of dog excrement contamination. One could take up a removal obligation of the animal owner in the defaults with. Then the citizens would have to show courage and report a dog owner who does not clean up the mess, nickel said.

Back and forth was discussed. Finally, the council agreed that the municipality should write to the dog tax payers with the reference to the future duty to clean. Dog owners living in districts with less than 300 inhabitants will continue to pay 25 euros for the first dog.

In an earlier version, there was talk of dog owners living in districts with fewer than 300 inhabitants not having to pay a tax for the first dog. We have corrected that.

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