Elephants at the albertsplatz in coburg

Elephants at the Albertsplatz in Coburg

"Elmar the elephant lives in his herd. He is colorfully checkered and always plays something funny", tells seven-year-old helen haas. All other elephants are "elephant-colored.
When elmar rolls itself in gray fruits, it goes down finally also in the mass of its kind comrades and is not recognized any longer. But because he is the only one who is funny and not boring, he gives himself away. "Then a rain cloud comes and washes his color off again", adds classmate lilli-maria katholing. In the end there is a colorful elephant party for all elephants and elmar is happy.
And what does elmar have to do with coburg? Quite simple – since recently elmar is in triple version at the construction fence at albertsplatz. Twice the 22 children strictly adhered to the template of the book of the same name, once they let off steam creatively and enthusiastically wielded their paintbrushes: elmar was decorated with colorful blobs, spinning tops and "with animal patterns they had made up themselves, says primary school pupil joshua zlatosca enthusiastically.
The second class of the lutherschule in coburg banned the colorful elephants with acrylic paints on large tarpaulins. With it the coburger housing construction then the barrier to the new building albertsplatz 4 placarded, as the responsible architect berthold haeutle explains.
Managing director andreas heipp wanted – as he did two years ago – a colorful design for the construction fence and turned to the coburg schools. "Everyone should have a share in the transformation of the square", he finds. Mayor norbert kastner and city manager annette kolb admired elmar and welcomed the creativity of the children. The works of art will now embellish the construction fence for a year. "Then the paint is probably peeling off", says the responsible class teacher heidi schulz-scheidt.

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