Arrival – more than a border crossing

Arrival - more than a border crossing

Eckehard kiesewetter habberge district – refugee policy. Above all, the protection of the borders and the prevention of similar incidents as in 2015 are issues. Asylum law, border protection, deportation and departure – stricter standards are to apply in all of this.

But immigration policy is not just about quotas and deportation rules. Migration does not only mean fleeing war and persecution. Workers from EU countries and their families are increasingly being drawn to the region – a trend that is likely to continue. It is also about integration and social togetherness.

The federal republic has always been a country of immigration. One thinks of the recruitment campaigns for guest workers in the 1950s and 60s. In 1964, the one-millionth guest worker in germany was even presented with a motorcycle. Later, the fall of the "iron curtain, "ethnic cleansing" the immigration of refugees from the former yugoslavia and the aggravated situation in the kurdish-occupied part of turkey led to major waves of immigration, followed by the influx of (late) repatriates.

Help from abroad

The drama of the crisis year 2015 is passe. But immigration, also in the district of habberge, continues at a moderate level. On the one hand, the causes of flight, i.E. The various crises in many of the countries of origin, have not been resolved; on the other hand, labor is needed because society is aging and an above-average number of natives are retiring from the workforce.

Various agencies are currently working to integrate the migrants: in the state-approved migration counseling center, the BRK district association accompanies immigrants in social matters on behalf of the federal office for migration and refugees (bamf) – a, as it is officially called, "temporary, needs-oriented, individual basic counseling service."

The goal is to enable people to act independently in everyday life and to make them as independent as possible from "social transfer payments" to make. The center provides advice with or without interpreters, makes house calls, assists with visits to the authorities or arranges assistance (youth social work at schools, multigenerational house, language courses, debt counseling, educational counseling and more) – much of it on a voluntary basis. It also provides support, for example, in job applications, in the search for jobs and training positions, in the search for housing, or helps when it comes to the recognition of certificates and degrees. In hassfurt there are language courses and the multi-generation house provides education and language mentors.

In 2018, a total of 566 people from more than 25 countries were advised by the four employees of the BRK migration counseling team led by team leader karina hauck. The figures can only give an idea of how complex the whole thing is at times. According to BRK press spokesman michael will, 2319 counseling sessions were held. In some cases more than 20 meetings were necessary, in one case even 36 meetings.

Caritas has also been offering migration and social counseling for more than 40 years and is involved in asylum work.

The ideal is to integrate immigrants into the labor market. The shortage of skilled workers also makes immigrants interesting for employers in the region. According to a statement from the district office, the job center in hassfurt is currently looking after 321 asylum seekers (142 of whom are female). Most of the job seekers are between 25 and 55 years old, 113 are younger, 17 are older.

The new contact point

"Immigration center habberge". That sounds good; international and versatile. It will, promises the district office habberge. On monday, a cooperation agreement will be sealed. Partners are the district authorities, caritas and the red cross. The education coordinators for new immigrants, the refugee and integration counseling, the integration pilot and the migration counseling are combining all their competencies and joining forces. Even through short distances. For "closer institutional cooperation the migration counseling for adult immigrants will be merged with the counseling centers of the district office. The new "immigration center hassberge is being set up at bruder-becker-strasse 8 in hassfurt. There will be regular opening hours.

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