In the end, anger and frustration remain

In the end, anger and frustration remain

Angry, frustrated and left alone. That’s exactly how the former schlecker employees from lower franconia feel. They sit helplessly together at a table, stirring their coffee cups and telling each other about their latest experiences at the employment agency. Nancy stahl is one of them. The 32-year-old from nudlingen last worked at the branch in munnerstadt before it closed its doors for good at the end of june, as many other places did.
"For me a world has collapsed. But I hoped until the end", says nancy. She enjoyed working at schlecker. Ten years. It wasn’t until last november that she returned to the steinach branch from parental leave. It closed in december. She then spent another six months as a springer in bad kissingen, poppenlauer and munnerstadt. In the last few weeks during the sellout, the shelves became emptier and emptier – not an easy sight for them. Many customers said goodbye, hugged her and wished her and her colleagues all the best.

Not communicable

"what are you doing now?? You can’t get this question out of your head for a while", nancy remembers. She has already sent out several applications. "It is difficult to find something new", she worries. She expected more from the employment agency: "they told me that I wasn’t employable, with three children and the desire to work part-time." and that’s exactly what her mediator skillfully ignored. A short time later, nancy was offered a job at the gas station, working flexibly between 6 a.M. And 11 p.M.
For nancy, retraining as an educator would also have been an option, as labor minister ursula von der leyen had suggested. The labor office did not want to cover the costs. "These were simply false promises. You feel like you’ve been had."
and there is even more trouble. The letter of exemption from schlecker did not arrive until the 7th of july. July, one week after schlecker closed down. She will now only receive unemployment benefits from this date onwards. So for the first week of july, she sees – at least so far – no money, neither from the employment agency nor from schlecker. "They are insolvent. They laughed when I called and asked for the money", says nancy. Now the trade union "verdi" is calling for a change represent for you the money at schlecker. First in writing. The deadline expires at the end of next week. "If nothing is forthcoming by then, the money will be claimed. I guess it’s off to court then", nancy guesses. She is all about principle. And she is still just pissed.
Just like all the other former schlecker colleagues. In lower franconia, there are around 1,000. They are all tormented by the same questions that they asked the representatives of verdi and the employment agency yesterday at the parish hall in oerlenbach. Many people are afraid of not finding a job or slipping into unemployment. "We try to accommodate everyone", explained claudius rinbergas, team leader in the job placement department. Trade union secretary jurgen volz is rather skeptical in this respect. "There are people at schlecker who don’t have a plan", he believes. The sufferers are nancy and all the other former schlecker women.

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