Politics already in the mother’s milk

Politics already in the mother's milk

The hochststadt SPD is sending 33-year-old mechthild glab from lappach into the race for mayor in the 2014 municipal elections. At the nomination meeting also the candidates of the SPD for the city council were determined.
The voting result for the "first woman in hochstadt was clear and unambiguous: of 17 voting members of the SPD local association, all voted unanimously in a secret ballot for the 33-year-old business graduate mechthild glab from lappach.
In the meeting, it was clearly emphasized that the SPD local group has its signal on "young people" has put. The average age of the 24 list candidates for the city council is 43 years. That makes visible that with the city council candidates the experience of the old ones is well mixed with the energy of the young ones.
The candidates for the city council and for the circle advice were likewise unanimously selected. Volker glab commented on the election result with the words:"… That is yes a GDR election result!"

"Good mixture"

the good mix in age structure and professional qualifications was also clearly expressed in the speeches of gunter schulz (second mayor), mechthild glab, andreas hanjes and norbert bechstein. Schulz said: "we need this for the future, because we are facing another six years in which we must shape local politics and our living environment to make our city even more lovable than it already is."

Not a newcomer

mechthild glab has set very ambitious goals for her work in the political and municipal arena. At the beginning of her speech, she stated that she and her siblings had already learned politics and social democracy "with their mother’s milk" would have received. Both parents were experienced members of the city council for the SPD. "Hardly a day went by without our family talking about politics, sometimes even arguing about it."
Glab is no longer a newcomer to city politics. She has already completed one legislative period in the city council. "To my great surprise, there was a pleasant atmosphere in the plenary session of the town council, no harsh arguments or even trench warfare. I always had the feeling that the cause and, above all, the interests of the citizens of hochstadt were in the foreground."

bus connection to neustadt

among other things, the mayoral candidate sees the inner-city development of the city as a focal point of her work in the municipal area transport and local public transport. In her opinion, the bus connection to neustadt/aisch should also be realized. There, it would only be a question of the section between hochstadt and uelfeld "and that should also be possible", she explained.
Glab also suggested that a ring or shuttle bus connection could be offered, for example, for the kirchweih (church fair) or the altstadtfest (old town festival). Conclusions could then be drawn for a permanent bus connection to the rural areas of the urban district.

Better growth

the cultural offerings, for example in the kulturfabrik, are already wide-ranging. Nevertheless, many citizens are of the opinion that "we are not yet making enough use of this asset. Here, too, a concept is needed in which many people recognize themselves, which ensures an attractive cultural offer for young and old, women and men, locals and people from the surrounding area.
In the economic field, we in hochstadt have been largely spared the economic crisis, the speaker continued. This is thanks to the long-established major employer schaeffler, but also to the expansion of the "aischpark" industrial park with the settlement of efficient enterprises, which created and further would create additional jobs. And glab continues: "however, we must not rest on our laurels …". It is important to adhere to the principle of "preserving what has been tried and tested, creating something new that makes sense" to take to heart in the future as well.
The age structure of society also poses new challenges for local politics. Childcare facilities should enable women to combine work and family life. For seniors, it is important that they can lead a self-determined life for as long as possible. On the other hand, however, relatives and families should not be unduly burdened financially or in terms of personnel by the care they provide. Associations and non-profit church and private sponsors would have to continue to shape the appropriate favorable climate in hochstadt.


these are their ideas "and perhaps also visions", for the realization of which she will devote all her energy. She could rely on the support of her colleagues in the parliamentary group and her local association. "Six years of cooperation with the junge liste and mayor gerald brehm have shown me that the ‘store’ runs quite well with him …"And somewhat exaggerated: "actually, I have nothing at all against gerald brehm and the young list."

The list:

1. Mechthild glab, 33 years old, dipl.-business economist, on the hochstadt city council
2. Andreas hanjes, 51, police officer, member of the city council and district council
3. Sonja kuth, 19, student
4. Gunter schulz, 64, retired, second mayor
5. Stefanie schupferling, 28, housekeeper
6. Norbert bechstein, 61, electrical engineer (chairman of the hochstadt SPD)
7. Christa schwagerl, 49, accountant
8. Phillip kas, 25, student
9. Christine ross, 31, office administrator
10. Michael kretschmar, 21, student
11. Eva hankel, 60, engineering assistant, deputy chairwoman of the hochstadt SPD
12. Eric lukaszewicz, 42, works council member
13. Beate henke-glab beate, 60, teacher
14. Rainer kuth, 54, physicist
15. Frank greif, 42, contract auditor
16. Norbert holler, 50, electrical engineer
17. Werner wagner, 58, plasterer
18. Uli hankel, 64, vocational school teacher
19. Martin freundt, 56, insurance specialist
20. Gerhard buddenberg, 60, engineer
21. Ali oz, 51, warehouse clerk
22. Siegmund bischof, 72, curative education nurse
23. Johannes bechstein, 26, civil engineer
24. Rudi schupferling, 56, technician, in the city council

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