Bundestag: five people from bamberg have a chance

On thursday at noon, he was still handing out flyers in panzerleite, then he went to the kindergarten to pick up his two offspring. Everyday life in the candidate life of franz eibl. Until recently, eibl was the spokesman for the city of bamberg, but now his life could take a completely new course. Reason: the alternative for germany (afd) party, which was only founded in april, has placed him at number 4 on its list. If the afd overcomes the five-percent hurdle, it is highly likely that eibl will be in the next bundestag.

Until recently, the prospect of this happening was still rather unrealistic. But on thursday, the opinion research institute INSA published a survey that put afd at five percent. Franz eibl also feels the tailwind carrying the protest party forward. Demands such as the "end of the eurozone ban , for affordable energy prices and a simplification of tax law are popular. "If everyone on the street who tells us they’re voting for us votes for us, we’ll definitely be in, says eibl.

But the historian and political scientist is only one of five candidates in the bamberg electoral district who have more or less hope of winning the election. First of all there is thomas silberhorn. The lawyer, who has been a member of the bundestag for the CSU for eleven years, won the direct mandate in his electoral district in 2009. After the CSU’s success in the state, few doubt that this could be repeated in the federal election on sunday.

For the first time in a long time, a local politician has a good chance of getting into the bundestag: andreas schwarz. Schwarz, who has been mayor of strullendorf for 17 years, achieved the second-best result for an SPD candidate in bavaria in the 2009 parliamentary elections and is now in a promising 19th place on the list. A scenario with 20.5 percent, as achieved by the SPD in the state elections, would easily be enough for black…

Since sunday, the chances of sebastian korber are possibly a bit shakier. The member of parliament from forchheim is positioned at the top of the FDP list and has good prospects – if the FDP is back in the next bundestag. At least according to the polls, the liberals are holding steady at six percent.

Lisa badum is also well placed on the green list. It would need around 12 percent for a mandate, which is what the polls still gave the greens until recently. But the bavarian elections have dampened badum’s expectations: "it will be difficult, but there are always miracles."

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