“Fear not”

The "relaxed frenchman – as it says on the front of his T-shirt – with sharp-tongued black humor, he not only takes the quibbles and potholes, i.E. The absurdities of our society, to task, but also himself. And that makes him so popular and lovable. The number 10 on the back of the shirt reflects the year of his stage anniversary. Those who have experienced him in the past are amazed at his rapid and striking development.

When the whole hall bleats, bawls, squeals and claps their thighs to the point of diaphragm breakdown and gasping for breath, it is clear proof of his wacky performance. This man really knows comedy, and judging by the volume and frequency of his laughs, he doesn’t have to shy away from a comparison with the big names. At all – is that still his league? "That eich is much better than the ‘other big-headed’ cabaret artists", says norbert, who came all the way from wurzburg.

Innovations like the "eich-pad

Already at the beginning, the elites of the cabaret fans become recognizable as they search for T-shirts that were allegedly hidden under every tenth chair. "You glabt aa any shit", is amused "das eich" about the successful "prank, which is particularly successful with the french. For these he holds his innovations like the "eich-pad" that has replaced the usual paper.

Not all technical innovations should be amused, especially when asked "siri, how’s the weather??", and to the answer gets "ask your bitch alexa". The usefulness of robotic vacuum cleaners and leaf vacuums have given the "eich particularly fond of. When the neighbor fires up the vacuum cleaner for five leaves at the exact time you need to catch up on sleep and blows them back and forth like in a leaf badminton tournament until he finally realizes that the device not only has a blowing function but also a suction function, that’s not absurd, it’s completely taken from the life of a small housing estate.

And if the whole neighborhood thinks that the eichner actually "nix arberd", that sounds plausible and like a real story. And they are affectionately and extremely familiar throughout the entire stage program.

It also got really annoying at the christmas party in the old people’s home after the playing of "last christmas" given. He also wonders why the founder of ikea is still not buried: "because two hinges are missing from the coffin lid?"

"Louses and wimps"

In general, dealing with his topics has become difficult due to a lack of political correctness: he is no longer allowed to make fun of fat and overweight people, drooling old people or snotty-nosed children. He is also at war with the new male fashion, i.E., high-water pants that make you look like a stork. And with their carriers "the louses and wimps who are called kevin and drink spinach spritzer". In view of the softie behavior and whiny singing of german young performers, he often gets the urge to vomit. His satire on the new german song and text material "that sounds like a commissioned work of the AOK", by forster, giesinger& co.Are already legendary. Just like the ones on marcel reich ranicki, if he would take apart their texts. "Where stupidity is paired with idiocy, kogong is the sad result", he blasphemes.

With overbearing facial expressions and gestures "das eich" plays on the guitar and organ. He is already a ramp sow, when he parodies real rock by peter maffay, and the nuscheleien of udo lindenberg and gronemeyer. There’s not a dry eye in the house. Officially he may also cover and interpret the songs of reinhard mey. In general, the songwriter seems to be his role model.

Below the belt

Stamina is stefan eichner’s program, and in it it goes directly and solidly further under the belt, with a few encores until almost 23.15 o’clock. Since he is increasingly booked on cruises for the stage program, he no longer needs to worry about topics anyway: when fat mechthild and her lanky husband willi from olpe eat the last chicken legs off the eich and eat a few french fries, she brings the "aida" to the middle of the ship when they leave neudrossenfeld, and gives with their jokes the eich even some steep template.

With the figuratively evil outcome of a loomi-loomi massage after enjoying a bean-broccoli-onion stew, stefan eichner once again gets the last reserves out of the audience, which is buffeted by gales of laughter.

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