Historic moment for the young theater forchheim: city pledges increased funding

"I am overjoyed. This is really a great recognition for the work of the young theater", beamed ulli raab. After the main committee on thursday, several city councillors congratulate the chairman of the association. The committee had just unanimously decided to increase the annual basic funding of the young theater forchheim (JTF) from 7500 euro to 35 000 euro. The city had already agreed on this sum during the budget discussions in february. In recent months, mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) and representatives of the JTF have held several talks to draw up a cooperation agreement. The goals of the cooperation are set out in the agreement – for example, "to maintain and improve cultural diversity in forchheim".

Unusual unity in the city council

across all factions, the committee members welcomed the contract. City councillors showed unusual unity. Anette prechtel (FGL) called it a "success" and spoke of a "great merit for the work of the JTF. Thomas werner (CSU) praised the cabaret as a "guarantee for culture at a high level in the city". And manfred hummer (freie wahler) said: "i congratulate the mayor, the city representatives and the young theater most warmly on the fact that this contract has come about."

Long fight for more money

the young theater has long fought for an increase in basic funding. Since 2011, the association had already been seeking massive talks with the city, recalled the artistic director of the JTF, lorenz deutsch. The old cooperation agreement dates back to 1992, according to which the theater receives a basic subsidy of 10,000 DM. At the beginning of 2013, there was an interim solution: the then mayor stumpf got the JTF several sponsors, so that the association could continue. "The main backbone was the volunteers who made sure we never went under", stressed raab. In addition, he said, the performances at the young theater at kasernstrasse 9 have been very successful over the past four years.

Investments have been postponed

but the theater has always been underfunded. Investments were postponed, many of the furnishings were outdated. Overtime also piles up. The new annual grant is now set to change that. "The full-time staffing level is very thin. We will also use a large part of the funding to increase staffing levels", revealed german. The JTF has already advertised for a project assistant. The rehearsal space is also soon to be improved.

"The young theater has been doing sustainable and really positive work for decades. The association therefore also needs sustainable financing so that it can plan for the future.", the cultural representative katja browarzik confirmed after the main committee. And JTF chairman raab promised: "thanks to the cooperation agreement, i now also see the young theater as having a duty to develop further. And we have a few ideas already."

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