Goethe loved frankenwein

Goethe loved frankenwein

From his book "goethe – franken, wine and women" read dr. Hans bauer in the kuk.Dettelbach. With the help of numerous photos, the district curator of local history explained the research work he had done before he finally found out from a calculation that goethe also drank wine from dettelbach, according to a press release.

The wine merchants thaler& doring in falterstrabe have delivered wine to weimar several times. These former wine shops still exist today, but not as wine shops. This is the parish house and the former juliusspital building across the street, which is now occupied by a family. Goethe had passed through france several times on his numerous travels. He especially loved the city of nuremberg, where he also spent longer periods of time. He did not look at bamberg, however.

Goethe and women were given a lot of space in bauer’s reading – probably also due to the large number of women goethe encountered. The event was musically accompanied by hanna markgraf from kitzingen. The wines served, all from the dettelbacher sonnenleite, which goethe had also ordered, were presented by wine lecturer manuela martin from the kuk.Dettelbach before.

"Goethe: franken, wine& women" is published in the dettelbacher verlag by dr. Josef roll published and is available in local bookstores or directly from the publisher. Price: 79,90 euro.

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