Memmelsdorfers have great fun at the parade

The municipality on the alster was dominated on sunday afternoon by the fools, whose number, however, as far as the procession itself was concerned, was limited and in terms of size has never been so few. "Little bees" from had lined up, which made themselves strong for blooming meadows, and the brass band gereuth provided for schmissige tunes.

Mayor helmut dietz, escorted by local councillors birgit finzel and "viking" gerald karl, led the procession. The "memmelsdorfer girls" the children were buzzing along as little bees, showing their colors for biodiversity and spreading their "pollen" for the environment by spreading flower seeds among the people. "Everyone can do what for the environment, scatters simply our seeds and looks in the summer to the bees out", was her slogan.

Great anniversary of the red cross preparedness in memmelsdorf

The local red cross group drew attention to its big event, 50 years of BRK. "50 years, no end in sight, for us the BRK in memmelsdorf is duty", was written on their little wagon and "50 years, who would have thought it, we celebrate until the rind cracks." to the "founding fathers of the readiness applied: "poster, gunter, manni and schlacks, with the schwierzkes dieter was the foundation a klacks."

The CSU untermerzbach showed on the handcart pulled by third mayor dieter reisenweber: "we are colorful" and made himself strong for europe ("security under the european umbrella"). In addition the csuler waved multicolored umbrellas. The SV memmelsdorf led a three-wheeled vehicle with: "after the soccer go eat, and in merzbach remains the car standh’n."

"We’ve been around for 150 years, so we’re celebrating on the 4th. May", chanted the fire department memmelsdorf on an old fire hose. Not in the procession, but at the wayside in front of the community center stood members of the singing association memmelsdorf, in order to sing to the guitar lively songs. After the parade we went to school." not for learning, but for celebrating. There was also a children’s carnival.

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