Cold? The cinema evening in the eltmann outdoor pool is simply already a cult event

Cinema in unusual places and under the stars can now be enjoyed in many places every summer. In the district of hassberge, the town of eltmann plays a pioneering role, as it has been hosting the "cinema summer" in august for years in the beautiful ambience of the outdoor pool area. The sunbathing lawn also offered the best conditions on the weekend to enjoy the "open-air cinema evening" in a relaxed atmosphere and with suitable catering to make it an experience with good films.

The city of eltmann has maintained a good relationship with cinema owner bruno schneyer in zeil for many years. He maintains the last and only cinema in the district of hassberge. It’s been years since eltmann itself housed a movie theater, as has the neighboring community of ebelsbach. The remaining, only cinema in the district deserves support. Bruno schneyer took over the cinema from his father jakob, who had opened it in 1953. Bruno schneyer always knows how to offer special events and activities.

As part of its work with children and young people, the town of eltmann offers its young people cinema trips to zeil twice a year, which meet with great interest. For adults, but also for families with children, there has been the "cinema summer" for some time now in cooperation with bruno schneyer. He has a lot of experience in this area and organizes up to 20 cinema open-airs throughout the year, also far beyond the district.

The cinema event started on friday evening with "dragon taming made easy 3" the third part of the magical dragon trilogy, in which the friendship between hicks and his dragon was put to the test. The younger generation had gathered for this film. The mixture of adventure, humor and dragon power was enthusiastic, despite the cooler temperatures in the late evening. The experienced "free cinema fans had taken precautions with sweaters, blankets or pillows. They don’t let their cinema evening in the open-air swimming pool go to waste. On a slightly drippy saturday evening, the musical film about freddy mercury was shown at moderate temperatures. Finally, on sunday evening, "25 km/h" flickered across the big screen, a film that plays with the classic motifs of the road movie.

The experience of the cinema evening was all the more pleasant because the kinokiosk, under new management, was also open and had suitable catering available.

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