Plane tree next to kupsch will probably be allowed to stay

Once upon a time, three trees were to fall victim to the redesign of the pedestrian zone. The building committee decided some time ago that the lime tree at the western end of the upper market street should remain standing. Now the plane tree that was to be cut down at the entrance to the pedestrian zone also seems to have been saved. Only the tree next to the old town hall, it should not have a chance.

Shortly after it became known that the three trees were in mortal danger, signs were found on the trunks by unknown hands, demanding trees instead of concrete. Mayor kay blankenburg (SPD) pointed out on wednesday that the felling of these three trees was one of the results of the citizen participation process. The building committee then nevertheless very quickly reduced the number to two.

Actually no reasons

now it’s about the survival of the plane tree next to kupsch and the landratsamt, which was supposed to have been sentenced to death. According to blankenburg, there were no technical or design reasons for the plane tree to come down. The planners were only concerned with the visual relationship to the church. "The concept for the redesign of the pedestrian zone will not fail because of this tree", summed up the mayor. That’s why he will fight to keep the plane tree standing.

In the way of development

the situation is different with the goddess tree in brunnengasse next to the old town hall. The historic building is to be made more attractive in the course of the redesign and given a new handle with better accessibility. With these considerations, the tree is in any case in the way.

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