Green electricity for the vehicles

In the new berghaus rhon on the farnsberg, you can not only eat and drink well since november, but also recharge your batteries. Charging stations for e-bikes have been available since the opening. District administrator thomas bold (CSU), christine pfaff (bayernwerk) and berghaus host bernhard obner have now put into operation a charging station for electric cars that can be used from both sides. "This new charging station not only serves e-mobilists, but is also intended to help familiarize residents and guests with the future topic of e-mobility", emphasized the district administrator, who spontaneously used the on-site visit to charge his official vehicle.

With the new charging station, another point in the inter-communal electromobility concept of the district of bad kissingen has been implemented. Bold: "climate protection is a global task that everyone can contribute to. E-mobility is an important component here." the district not only supports its municipalities in the implementation of this technically demanding topic, but also sets a good example itself by wanting to create a coherent charging infrastructure for public transportation. Bold: "in the future, there will be charging stations at all properties owned by the district." the charging station already installed at the district office is for internal use only, but the new one at berghaus rhon is now the first public one. A second one is to follow soon at the house of the black mountains in oberbach.

"Eco-power" flows from the charging station at berghaus rhon, assured bayernwerk customer advisor christina pfaff. The charging station, which can be used by all vehicles with a type 2 connection, is located in the parking lot below the inn and has a connection on both sides with a capacity of 22 kilowatts each, so that two electric cars can always tap into electricity at the same time. After just one hour of charging, which can be used for hiking or for a leisurely stay in the mountain house, the vehicle has an additional range of 150 kilometers. "Everyone can refuel around the clock", added wolfgang reith from the building construction department in the district office. "There is a direct charging possibility without separate registration." registration via smartphone is done by scanning the QR code on the charging station and registering the desired charging point. Payment is made via credit card or via the charging cards of the operator eon drive as well as their roaming partners.

The charging station at the berghaus rhon can also be found in the bavarian charging atlas. There, all information is available in real time, so that it is immediately recognizable which charging station is free at the moment. The installation of the new charging station was supported by the network operator bayernwerk. Half of the investment of 20,000 euros was funded by the free state of bavaria through the "charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in bavaria" program promoted.

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