Musical journey through time for pupils

Ebern- under the motto "music for students", fosel explained was the title of a lesson on friday morning: three professional musicians who normally play for the non-profit international foundation for the promotion of culture and civilization had come to ebern to give a concert at the friedrich-ruckert-gymnasium and then also at the dr.-ernst schmidt secondary school.

Realschule principal hartmut weis was pleased to welcome three professional musicians to his school. "We have just a culture-poor time, the more I am glad that you can hear today music at the highest level", he said to the students. The event came about at the intention of heiko muller, music teacher at the realschule ebern. He and tenor singer martin fosel used to be classmates. Fosel, who led through the approximately 50-minute program, emphasized that music is currently being neglected. "I think this is a nice change for you today in your school day", he called out to the children, whom he included in his remarks.

After introducing his two musical colleagues, the three artists took the students on a journey through the history of music, beginning with the renaissance, which is one of the most dazzling and everlasting epochs of mankind. The part of the otherwise usual orchestra took over professionally the concert pianist susanne strauss at the piano. The professional musician rebekka wagner shone on her violin as well as the tenor fosel with his singing.

From classical to romantic

After starting with the piece "fine knacks for ladies" after the renaissance period had come to life, violinist wagner and pianist strauss whisked the children away to the baroque period, said walz. With the summer from vivaldi’s "the four seasons" images and words were translated into music. Classical music continued with the boy wonder wolfgang amadeus mozart, who played at the courts of powerful people at the age of six. In the play "the birdcatcher from the opera "the magic flute fosel showed with his baritone voice that the song founder was not only a bird catcher, but also a girl catcher on the road.

Romanticism followed with "the swan" from the "carnival of the animals with violin and piano. "Every sentence is dedicated to animals, today we have the swan with us", fosel explained and asked the students to go swimming in their minds with the swan on a lake. "If you listen carefully, you realize that you can create images with music."

Ludwig van beethoven is a "very special bird" had been, told fosel. He had moved 70 times in vienna and had set many songs to music for goethe. Fosel and pianist strauss let "fleas" with the flea song from goethe’s faust jumping through the hall. It became racy, when with large contrast in the music – sometimes piano, sometimes forte – the hungarian dance "hungarian dance" was played was heard with violin and piano. As "wonderful piece" fosel described the song "seligkeit D 433" by franz schubert, who composed more than 600 songs. "Schubert lived in vienna and composed for about seven hours every day", explained fosel.

Then it was off on a musical journey to brazil and back to europe before the "special school lesson" the debate came to an end and was rewarded with enthusiastic applause. What is certain is that the concert was something special for the children, even if not everyone’s musical tastes may have been met.

Fosel and the two musicians then fielded a wide range of questions from children and young people. The latter wanted to know, for example, how long the artists had been playing together, in which countries they had already been, whether they composed their own songs and whether they had already played together with world stars. Martin fosel promised to come to ebern again next year.

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