Change at the top of the chapel building association

Change at the top of the chapel building association

The construction of a border and peace chapel on the former german-german border between burggrub and neuhaus-schierschnitz was an exemplary private initiative that attracted attention throughout germany. For 26 years willi bischoff led with great commitment the 47 member strong burggrub chapel building association, founded in 1990 – a few months after the spectacular opening of the border – by a few idealists. Founding chairman was hubert knauer.

At the annual general meeting in the horing inn, angelika rosenbauer now took over the responsibilities. There was a lot of applause for the 49-year-old burggruberin for this one. "I will continue this important historical legacy with all my strength," the speaker said, according to the new chairwoman.

In his retrospective, willi bischoff recalled the constructional feat. Since its inauguration 26 years ago, men and women have invested a lot of free time in its care, maintenance and finally also in renovation measures. The building has lost none of its fascination to this day. This year, he informed five groups of visitors, including three school classes, about the construction. For this purpose, friedrich burger from mitwitz has prepared a flyer free of charge. He also recalled the church festival service with the musical participation of the trombone choir.

After secretary friedrich beetz had presented the last minutes, financial director uwe gunther looked at the cash situation. The auditors hubert knauer and reinhard kalb confirmed exemplary accounting.

Pastor michael foltin recalled the peaceful revolution in 1989. However, the world has not become a better and more humane place. That is why it is important to have places like the border and peace chapel, which set an example for peaceful coexistence.

Second mayor siegfried weiberth thanked the chapel building association for its exemplary initiative. "The community of stockheim is proud of these idealists", assured weiberth.

He expressed special thanks to willi bischoff – holder of the municipal medal of merit – for his considerable activities over the past 26 years. He wished the new chairwoman angelika rosenbauer a successful continuation.

The new elections resulted in the following: chairman angelika rosenbauer, second chairman willi bischoff, chief financial officer uwe gunther, secretary friedrich beetz. Reinhard kiessling, kurt wohner and timo fleischmann joined the committee. Auditors are hubert knauer and reinhard kalb.

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