Nudlinger afford themselves too many dropouts

TSV lohr II – DJK nudlingen 37:25 (16:14) – after a good performance in the first half, nudlingen’s handball players, who were without oliver speck and jens englert, got into serious trouble with the title favorites and suffered a nasty defeat, much to the annoyance of coach dietmar piechulek. From a well-functioning 6:0 defense, the djkler made life difficult for the home team at first. What happened shortly before and after the half time within eight minutes, drove dietmar piechulek the wrath blush in the face. The coach had to watch how the young foxes from lohr, all former youth bavarian league players, wore down their opponents. With eleven goals in a row for the hosts, the match was over. "We have lost a game here, which we could have won without further ado, but the short time before and after the change of ends was like a single blackout", piechulek summed up.
Goals for nudlingen: bastian kiesel (11/2), jan hofmann (6), benedikt weber (3/3), sebastian wilm, marcel przybilla, marcel muller, nico heer, alexander schmitt (1 each).

HSV bergtheim – FC bad bruckenau 28:29 (12:14) – players and coach of FC bad bruckenau were relieved after the first win of the season. "Even if not everything was gold what shone, the team had partly indicated, to which achievement it is capable", said klaus sieb. The team from bad badestadt always had an answer to the goals scored by the bergtheim team. FC bad bruckenau was kept alive by keeper patrick piller, who outgrew himself. With patrick krist he shared in between again and again the employment between the posts. Fight and will to win were the virtues that came to bear in the middle of the second half at 23:23. In an emotional final phase, the sieb proteges prevailed 25:25, 28:26 and 29:28, with a brilliant free throw by ex-bad bruckenau player tobias liebe being blocked in the last second.
Goals for bad bruckenau: alexander bauer (6), simon dietrich (5/3), oliver hilbert (5), maximilian richter (4/1), michael muller (3), peter karl (2), simon weiner, tom schumm, christian karl, leopold richter (1 each).

TV/DJK hammelburg – TSV bergrheinfeld 25:30 (12:16) – due to the drama in the final phase, it was certainly an extremely bitter defeat for the saalestadter. Jurgen scheller’s handball players led the berger team in the first half of the match, but were not able to take their lead into the break, because the back line lacked throwing power. Frank sell acted as the perfect playmaker on duty in terms of ball technology, but he also lacked consistency in his finishing. This was also evident from the fact that he failed to score a field goal. Simon winter stepped into the breach on this day, which the berger had not on the calculation. He threw bergrheinfeld’s defense into trouble and brought his team back into the game again and again, but in the end they lacked power and coolness at the opposing circle. When the hosts had shortened the score to 21:23, winter saw himself taken into man-to-man defence. "We lost the game immediately before halftime, when the berger punished our hair-raising and technical errors ice-cold with four goals in a row.", knew scheller.
Goals for hammelburg: simon winter (13), sebastian leurer (4), frank sell (2/2), holger friedl, sven roth (2 each), julian lutz, christoph schlereth (1 each).

HSG pleichach II – TV/DJK hammelburg 30:24 (17:11) – the hammelburg team, which started with four junior players, faced a fully occupied HSG bench in the defeat. Lara laske, johanna ruppert, helen faust and elena kalasnikova were eager to fight but could not threaten the ambitious hosts. Manfred leiher’s seven had a hard time getting going, so he had to take the first timeout early on "our sticking point was once again our weakness in throwing, which was our undoing", leiher summed up. But the opponent had not taken into account ute leidner, about whom leiher simply raved. "Just like in the old days, she nibbled away at pleichach’s defense and, thanks to her throwing power, did a great job of cosmetic work on the result, netting eleven times."
Goals for hammelburg: ute leidner (11/1), nicole schroter (7), johanna leiher, annika kress (3 each).

TSV waigolshausen – SG garitz/nudlingen II 10:18 (4:8) – the bayernliga reserve successfully completed its first competitive match. "Of course, it was a novelty for the troops, with an average age of 17.5 years, to play against a seasoned women’s team", said SG coach erich kaim. After a quick 7:1 lead, waigolshausen stalked back, but after the change, the syndicate steadily increased its lead. "A successful debut, even if there is still a lot to improve and refine", said kaim. Spy
goals for SG: andrea reisch (8/2), maike ditzel (4), theresa kleinhenz (3), luisa schnitt (1), nathalie stahl (1), anna zimmer (1).

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