Joachim hupp’s wanderings

Joachim Hupp's wanderings


Good news for the handball players of the landesliga relegated TV etwashausen: until now, the situation – at least for outsiders – was that the department does not care whether the team is relegated another time or not. The downward trend was simply accepted, including the move into the district league. The numerous departures were not replaced. Because one did not want or could not? In the meantime, however, reactions are leaking out, which indicate a change. If to descend, at least not without having tried something. The attempts looked in such a way that three former players (fresz, herrling, trabold) were addressed, in order to induce them to a return. Even if the efforts have not yet met with any tangible success, the effort suggests that the sausage impression may have been deceiving after all. Or is it the pure gate conclusion panic, because meanwhile also the responsible persons of the TV etwashausen do themselves heavily with it to play in the next season only district league?


Joachim hupp sees his move from district league soccer team FG marktbreit/martinsheim to state league team bayern kitzingen as further training. "I want to get to know other ways of working and play higher myself. The way we see it in marktbreit is that I go away, gain new experience and perhaps return at some point to pass on that experience," explains hupp. And what could be more obvious than bayern, where he already played once a season before moving on to sulzfeld, only to end up in marktbreit again. Now the second round of the hupp’schen soccer waltz, which is easier for the sports director, which he will remain, in any case, because the FG marktbreit/martinsheim has signed tobias jager, a player-coach, under which it runs well.


What does SV werder bremen have to do with kitzingen?? On the first view rather less, except that colleague and woman versteher W. Has been a die-hard fan for many years and has recently even become a season ticket holder who is as proud as he is long-suffering when he looks at the standings. At second glance, it is at least that a native of kitzingen recently became chairman of the club’s honorary council. Peter eilers arrived at the 23. March 1942 at the air base where his father was stationed. "After the war, we moved to bremen to live with my father’s parents," says eilers, the reigning german table tennis champion in the 70 age group.

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