Neunkirchen am brand: can judge mayor?

Neunkirchen am Brand: Can Judge Mayor?

Mayor heinz richter () did not get off scot-free in a special session of the municipal council. Rather, the CSU and SPD factions questioned his leadership qualities. Trust had also suffered, not least because of the financial damage to the community. Whether the municipal insurance would pay retroactively was uncertain. The reason for the criticism of the mayor and administration were the three audit reports on the results of the municipal audit, the years 2006 to 2015 comprehensively.

In demand several times

These audit reports were not dealt with, but were only now finally available to the market town councils – after several inquiries by the SPD. The municipal auditing association has audited the annual financial statements of the municipality, the internal processes and compliance with the relevant laws. But simply as if nothing had happened, the councillors did not want to go over to business as usual. Too much was in their opinion in the argen, which had to be addressed nevertheless.

Martin walz (CSU) was outraged that the matter is only being discussed now, even though the community has suffered financial damage. In addition, the supervisory authority has already intervened.

The problems, however, had not been addressed in some cases for ten years. An explanation demanded walz of mayor heinz judge and admitted to be disappointed. "The problems were put on the long bank and thus concealed, because one does not want to face the criticism", chided walz.

Mayor richter regretted that it had come to this, explained the omissions with the many additional tasks for mayor and administration. In addition the local council adjourned this point several times.

It had simply been lost sight of and apologized for it. But he does not want to cover up anything. "It just happened. We will work through everything", said richter, who has since contacted the insurance company.

"Mistakes can make everyone", richter said, asking his councillors to approve each of the items. But this agreement could not always give the councils.

Financial consequences

Apart from the fact that only once was adjourned because the administration should incorporate comments in the results, as third mayor andreas pfister (SPD) noted, there were cases that resulted in recourse claims. "The audit costs a lot of money", said pfister. This can not be done with a few comments, he said about the careless elaboration of the administration.

"That is easy money", pfister scolded and questioned heinz richter’s leadership qualities. The fact that many things were left undone was also due to the personnel situation, according to the administration, which raised questions for bettina wittmann (greens). "We have always hired staff and decided on the increases", said wittmann, who wanted to know where the additional working hours would go. Also the mayor is in their opinion demanded, must intersperse that a person around the demanded tasks, in the case around the collection of the fortune, worries and not elsewhere one is assigned.

Here andreas pfister (SPD) wanted to take some air out of the incident, since a municipality is not obligated to present assets in order to receive a loan. He was rather annoyed about the terse elaboration of the statement. "I do not pay force for 50000 euros for a sheet of paper. I would like a reasonable statement", criticized pfister the elaboration by the administration. The local councils partly refused their approval when explanations were presented incorrectly.

There are arrears for example with the development contributions. According to the statutes, advance payments would have to be made for road developments, but this was not done for some roads. Andreas pfister (SPD) insisted on the fact that the statute is to be executed in such a way, as it was decided by the local council.

Another longer discussed point on the list of the audit committee was the reimbursement of costs for operations and services of the municipal fire departments. Apart from the fact that the decision that fire department members do not have to pay anything for deployments must be rescinded, pfister said it was not clear from the administration’s statement whether the fire departments also report their deployments.

This is not the case. Rather the administration tries to determine employments, by looking through the newspapers for such messages, by looking for employments on the homepage of the fire departments and the like. Repeatedly one pointed out the fire-brigades to announce employments, said the responsible coworker of the administration. Walz summarized: "the fire departments continue not to report what they actually have to report. These are revenues that we don’t realize and cross-fund with taxpayer money."

Control system

It could not be that the administration must run behind here. Already 2004 that had been admonished by the district office. Andreas pfister also insisted on introducing a control system.

All points, with which discussion need to the test reports, were not created. Therefore there will be a further special meeting about it.

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