Highlight is 60. Anniversary

The board members of the singing group hassberge met recently to their first meeting in the new year, in order to discuss retroactively dates 2019 as well as the lining up dates for 2020.

A comprehensive overview was given by the chairman of the choir group, werner geisel. Geisel reminded according to the message of the singing group of the "spiritual choir concert" in the pilgrimage church "maria limbach. With considerable success, this concert had been designed by the participating choirs.

No sacred concert this year

This year, the concert is cancelled, because the sanctuary is in "rest" goes and is renovated over a longer period of time. The room is therefore not usable.

For the year 2020 the following dates were specified. Already on saturday, 28. March, the singer’s district conference will take place in volkach.

On sunday, 28. June, the choirs can register for the "kreuzberg-singen" report.

A special year for the singing group hassberge will be the festive evening for the 60th anniversary in the town hall in konigsberg. This will take place on saturday, 17. October, held. To this date the choirs of the singing group hassberge are invited. Invitations to this festive evening will be sent to the choirs at the beginning of march.

Who organizes the singer’s day?

As a further date is sunday, the 8. November provided, here it takes place singing group meeting 2020. Choir clubs that would like to host this singers’ day can contact the chairman werner geisel.

At the end of the board meeting, geisel expressed gratitude to the board members and asked for active involvement in the preparation and implementation of this festive day.

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