Christoph escher wins a bicycle

Christoph escher wins a bicycle

32 children took part in the bicycle tournament for the honorary pennant of the district of kulmbach on the grounds of the traffic school mainleus. The two traffic educators from the kulmbach and stadtsteinach police stations, cathrin hansel and ralf maisel, had organized the competition.

The first prize was won by christoph escher from the elementary school in mainleus, who won a bicycle worth 519 euros donated by the traffic police in the district of mainleus. He was followed by maria sprinzl and finja junker. The trophies for the three first-place winners were donated by the city of kulmbach and presented by mayor ralf hartnack.

The challenge cup for the best primary school class went to 4a from thurnau. Followed by himmelkron-lanzendorf and trebgast.

The tournament consisted of a ten-minute group ride and the completion of a bicycle course. "You are all winners", praised traffic educator ralf maisel.

The winner of the day, christoph escher (10), was a little surprised himself, but his joy at winning the bike was enormous: "I didn’t expect this."

Deputy district administrator jorg kunstmann, who presented the district trophy to the winning class from thurnau, said: "the youth traffic school is worth its weight in gold for us, because it ensures that our children learn how to handle a bicycle and become fit for traffic."

Third mayor gunther stenglein noted that the operation of the traffic school was gladly taken over by markt mainleus.

Ralf hartnack praised the great work of the two traffic educators for the safety of children in road traffic.

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