First graders get reading material

First graders get reading material

People who can read are more successful in life, because reading makes you smart. Those who read write better essays, make fewer spelling mistakes and even understand math problems better.
As part of the "lesestart" campaign of the federal ministry of education, the "stiftung lesen" (reading foundation) presented a gift to the children the 52 first-graders at rottenbach elementary school also each received a lesestart book bag. Inside was one of five exciting, age-appropriate books ("the magical animals", "city, country, pond", "A sloth goes to school, "my first reading adventures", "curtain up!" ) and a multilingual reading guide for parents. Teachers renate stumpf and renate fischer, together with daddy kari and son bu, presented the two characters of the reading primer "caribou" with a gift, the reading bags and congratulated the children, who all proudly revealed that they were already reading really well and enjoyed it.

Readers have had their day

parents, siblings and grandparents have served their time as readers, because the little ones now read for themselves in their cuddly corner, in bed or in a comfortable armchair. As there were five different books, teacher renate stumpf advised to swap the reading during the vacations, and whoever is willing and able to answer all questions about their book in a quiz at the beginning of the school year will get a little surprise. Finally, the teachers, together with kari and bu, wished the children happy vacations and lots of fun reading.
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