Klingenbach is being renovated

In the fire station the windheimer met on wednesday to the citizen meeting. Hubert roth (WG windheim) welcomed a well-filled hall. The klingenbach will be redeveloped in the coming year, mayor jurgen karle took an important topic in his report in front. It must be waited halt, until in the context of a structure reorganization for waters a financial promotion promise is given.

What will become of the pond?

The residents were also interested in the future of the pond at the former well house, which according to karle is not a fish pond.
There was a discussion among the wood rights activists about the "just" allocation of their wood ration on the part of the juliusspital.
They thought about possible wind power plants in the wartmannsroth community area, which still do not pay off because the very long power line to the next feed-in point in fuchsstadt would be too expensive. Accident-prone, because lowered path plates, were reported from the cemetery. The residents looked closely to see whether the municipal mowing service mowed exactly to the edge of public areas. And they reported flooding in the area of badly maintained road verges. 261 main and 30 secondary residences are currently in windheim, reported karle. In the context of the general canal reorganizations also this local part is considered. According to karle, no improvement is to be expected in the foreseeable future on the subject of mobile communications for cell phones. He pointed out that the post office for notified mail is located in the city hall.

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