Relieving the burden on caring relatives

Relieving the burden on caring relatives

Theresa schiffl caring for a relative is a challenge: washing, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, the household and the often deteriorating state of health take a lot of energy out of the partner and family. Nevertheless, there is a lot of help such as nursing courses, discussion groups or cures. In addition, visiting services such as the care companions of the vdk social association provide respite from the daily care routine.

Visiting service for relief

"It’s a change for those affected and a relief for the family", explains dieter werthmann, chairman of the vdk local association lichtenfels. The advanced training for care companions is offered once a year. "Currently we already have five registrations. From ten the course takes place", so dieter werthmann.

One of the care companions is elke rauh. She has experience as a nurse and as a caring relative. With the pension she wanted to engage then honorary. "I visit a man who has a severe disability. In the two hours, we go for a walk or play schafkopf when the weather is nice.", she says and smiles. Over time, she says, a friendship and a relationship of trust develop with those in need of care. "He always looks forward to seeing me, his wife told me." recently he has also "I like the fei", says said.

Relaxation for relatives

His wife then has time for herself, can go shopping in peace, and on some days she joins in with the card games. "I can manage my time flexibly, for example, if she has to go to a doctor’s appointment one day." she has been volunteering as a care companion for five years, and she still enjoys it very much. A lot of gratitude comes back, says elke rauh. There is also a lot of recognition for their work from the communities and the population.

"Currently there are five companions in redwitz and one ebensfeld", says dieter werthmann. Six years ago, the local association began to offer further training. For insurance reasons, membership in the vdk is required for the course. Their work is free of charge for people in need of care and their relatives, and the district association pays for any travel expenses incurred. It is still important that the care companions are not caregivers, household or shopping aids and not a driving service. First and foremost, they should enable the relatives to breathe a sigh of relief and relax for two hours. There is also a meeting once a month for a joint exchange of ideas. "People should live at home as long as possible", says dieter werthmann.

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