First graders get reading material

First graders get reading material

People who can read are more successful in life, because reading makes you smart. Those who read write better essays, make fewer spelling mistakes and even understand math problems better.
As part of the "lesestart" campaign of the federal ministry of education, the "stiftung lesen" (reading foundation) presented a gift to the children the 52 first-graders at rottenbach elementary school also each received a lesestart book bag. Inside was one of five exciting, age-appropriate books ("the magical animals", "city, country, pond", "A sloth goes to school, "my first reading adventures", "curtain up!" ) and a multilingual reading guide for parents. Teachers renate stumpf and renate fischer, together with daddy kari and son bu, presented the two characters of the reading primer "caribou" with a gift, the reading bags and congratulated the children, who all proudly revealed that they were already reading really well and enjoyed it.

Readers have had their day

parents, siblings and grandparents have served their time as readers, because the little ones now read for themselves in their cuddly corner, in bed or in a comfortable armchair. As there were five different books, teacher renate stumpf advised to swap the reading during the vacations, and whoever is willing and able to answer all questions about their book in a quiz at the beginning of the school year will get a little surprise. Finally, the teachers, together with kari and bu, wished the children happy vacations and lots of fun reading.
Johanna blum

Preventing a flood of advertising in the mailbox

Preventing a flood of advertising in the mailbox

This is particularly annoying when the advertising pours out of the mailbox and thus betrays your absence. But many people are also annoyed by the superfluous brochures that flutter into their homes day after day. However, one is not powerless, but can defend oneself against it.

Stickers against unwanted advertising

It makes sense to attach a sticker to the mailbox which, thanks to the imprint "please do not post any advertising", prohibits the deliverers from doing so. Currently, such stickers are distributed free of charge by, for example, geizkragen.De issued. If one has affixed one of these stickers, there should theoretically be peace, since advertising distributors and also the post office must adhere to it. However, it often happens that flyers and brochures are still in the mailbox without being asked. If this is the case, you have the right to take action against it.

“Unicef photo of the year” shows boy from togo

Spanish photographer antonio aragon renuncio’s portrait focuses on the bravery and optimism of children despite the most difficult circumstances, the UN children’s fund said in berlin on thursday.

A photograph by bangladeshi-born turjoy chowdhury came in second: it shows a baby born stateless in a rohingya refugee camp, who are fleeing violence in their homeland of myanmar. Third place went to israeli photographer rina castelnuovo for her reportage on a palestinian boy from the gaza strip.

Two of the ten honorable mentions went to germany, to marlena waldthausen for her reportage "finally no longer teased" and to jesco denzel for his reportage "on uncertain ground".

Bridge financing for tom tailor is extended

Bridge financing for Tom Tailor is extended

Troubled tom tailor fashion chain gains time in struggle for turnaround. The bridge financing agreement with syndicate banks and tom tailor holding SE will be extended until mid-september, the company announced in hamburg.

The aim is to finalize an independent assessment of the company’s economic situation and to reach agreement on the final financing structure. A short-term loan from the major chinese shareholder fosun would also be extended. The banks and fosun remained in "constructive talks," it said.

At the same time, the situation of the fashion chain worsened: in the second quarter, sales of the tom tailor group fell by 6.4 percent year-on-year to a good 195 million euros, as the company further announced on the basis of preliminary figures. Operating profit (EBIDTA) slumped from 22.7 million euros to 4.5 million euros. Bonita also reported a drop in sales of over a quarter to 49.9 million euros and made an operating loss.

“Danish traffic light” in kiel is in place

Four weeks after the state elections, they unanimously approved the coalition agreement. Now the party congresses of the three partners still have to approve the result of the negotiations next saturday. This is regarded as certain. Three days later, on 12. June, the SPD politician torsten albig (49) is to be elected then as prime minister.

After the conclusion of the negotiations, SPD state and parliamentary group chairman ralf stegner emphasized the great degree of fundamental convictions of the three partners. Fair education, good jobs, a consistent energy turnaround and solid finances he named as key points. Investments in education should lead to a decrease in social transfer costs, said stegner. Additional expenditures of 40 million euros in the 2013 budget – for example, for danish schools, women’s shelters or an expansion of nursing care for the elderly – would be counter-financed. Among other things, road construction funds are to be cut and the law on consolidating the budgets of particularly poor cities and municipalities is to be repealed.

By the end of the legislative period, the municipalities should also gradually get back the 120 million euros by which the former grand coalition (2005-2009) had cut the municipal financial compensation. The funds will be tied mainly to the expansion of daycare centers.

Atmospheric hoffest at the museum inn

The festival in the town center was very popular on both days and will probably replace the mountain festival on the wurmerich in the future as well. The musical entertainment and tasty food offerings put the audience in a convivial celebratory mood. In the spacious courtyard of the "stern the summer heat remained bearable.

On saturday evening the band "melly and clyde" enthused the audience with hits of great singers like chaka khan or tina turner, german pop music and many well-known oldies. Melly’s "power voice" was particularly impressive, and the support of percussionist herbert siedler and ulli knorr. The three musicians, who have been playing together for nine years, adjusted perfectly to their audience, at a moderate volume, and received a lot of applause. It was estimated that there was something for every age and taste. As the musicians themselves said, they liked the very good acoustics in the courtyard of the museum inn.

The board of directors had a lucky hand with the culinary offer, which in many respects was similar to that of the mountain festival. The big "racer were the "bergfest-goker", who once again provided a rush of visitors on sunday evening. The rhoner "spraubloaser" from several places of the rhon brought in unusual outfit native sounds, often to sing along, to the hearing. All in all, chairman werner herterich and his deputy peter brust gave a very positive summary of the hofffest. "We are extremely satisfied with the public response, even if the great afternoon heat prevented an even higher result", said a satisfied chairman werner herterich.

First thrown out in the jungle camp: domenico must go

First thrown out in the jungle camp: domenico must go

The first departure in the jungle camp. One week after the start the audience threw out domenico de cicco on friday.

The former "bachelorette" contestant got the fewest calls at the end of the evening. With the beginning of the second half of the 13. Season of the RTL show "I’m a star – get me out of here!"Now one participant has to leave every day.

Whoever is left at the end will get a chance in the finale on 26 september. January the jungle crown and not only that: this time RTL also promises the winner 100.000 euro prize money. In 2018, jenny frankhauser, the half-sister of daniela katzenberger, had made the jungle race.

Building owner remains “dog’s litter box saves

A hot needle is used to work on the "obere lehenteile" development and green space plan knitted in pettstadt so that future builders can submit their building applications by the end of 2020 and secure the building subsidy from the state. In order not to lose any time, a draft plan was approved by the municipal council these days, which was not even available on paper yet.

The development plan, which will soon be put up for public comment, must now be adapted to the resolution by the city planner nadja seebach from the office wittmann, valier and partner.

In fact, at the last minute, so to speak, a striking detail was removed from the draft by a curious 6:6 decision: A new "etterweg", the plan to create a green strip up to ten meters wide, winding north-south through the construction area, did not find a majority in the municipal council.

Comes a market hall in the old lady chapel?

It was a poster in a showcase that led to speculation in bamberg’s old town and to a question from the GAL to the city’s leadership: what will become of the profaned marienkapelle at the pfahlplatzchen??

The striking sandstone building with its gothic windows has been under discussion since it was sold by the evangelical free church congregation in 2008. Several considerations to create a cultural space here have come to nothing. Even the city could not bring itself to buy the building.

A new change of ownership brings movement into the matter again. As the poster in the showcase in front of the church showed, a market hall is to be built here one day.

46 Children at the nudlinger small animal breeders

46 children between the ages of six and twelve came to the clubhouse this year, where numerous helpers provided for a varied afternoon.

Flight of the peace pigeons

Chairman reiner wilm welcomed the girls and boys. After the presentation of the breeders, the program began with the traditional flight of white peace doves. Afterwards the children went to the adjacent meadow, where shepherd wolfgang huter and his wife were already waiting for the children with their animals. The girls and boys were allowed to marvel at and stroke the goats and donkeys in the outdoor enclosure.

In the exhibition hall, other club members had exhibited rabbits, pigeons and chickens of various breeds. Males and females were separated in two enclosure rows. The children’s task was to find the right pairs on a drawing. A special attraction this year was again the hatching of young chicks. The children were allowed to hold the chicks in their hands and pet them to their hearts’ content. The breeders were happy to provide information about the characteristics of the individual breeds.