Reiterswiesen: corona serenade from the balcony

In the "stempes don’t let a few viruses spoil your mood. Well, in italy you sing together on the balcony, but in reiterswiesen’s hans-sachs-strasse there’s at least a serenade from the 1.Floor. Lorenz and sophia schubert, well trained in the city’s youth music corps, have been playing the saxophone and flute every evening since sunday at 6 p.M. And delight the neighbors with a little serenade in the italian style, which helps against the corona boredom. "I have the suggestion with the european anthem simply taken up. The people like it and the children have fun with it", says mother gabi schubert. Of course, this is only possible in a quiet side street and with such understanding neighbors as in "stempes, the reiterswiesen district with the special touch. No one knows how this neighborhood got its name. The once visible, today piped "steinbach" could have been, dialectically transformed, name giver.

Idyll with a brook

But the small district has always been a play street and meeting place for children, with meadows that were also football fields, elderberry hedges to hide in, a lively stream and badminton field on a dusty street. In winter, sleds went up to the "seeleshugel", which encloses the house collection. Today, one lives in a traffic-calmed residential street, with a children’s playground, a small brook, a bridge, single-line buildings, meadow paths behind them, and above all with nice residents who appreciate this idyll, approach each other, help each other, celebrate a street festival together, and shape village life. A "stempes whatsapp group, showcase and even its own street boss are part of it. Worth living.

And so the "stempesburgermeisterin" takes hold gabi schubert takes up the TV suggestion to defy the epidemic with the european anthem, clears her balcony, turns it into a music podium and motivates her children to serenade her neighbors every day. The european anthem belongs to it and in addition still daily changing what merry. This time "let it go from the "ice princess. Then, at 6 p.M. Sharp, the "stempes" will be flying the windows open, and who lives around the curve, may – with proper distance in groups of two – a few minutes of the "corona serenade serenade.

In the hand of god: argentina bids farewell to maradona

in the hand of god: argentina bids farewell to maradona

They came by the thousands, they cried, they screamed, they cheered. In jerseys with the magic number ten, with red roses, old photos. Consternation hidden behind corona masks.

The day after the death of diego armando maradona, the government palace of buenos aires became a pilgrimage site in bizarre scenery. To get to the body of their idol, the mourning argentinians waited in cordoned-off areas and long queues, with cameras broadcasting the images around the world. Many crossed themselves as they passed by or threw their flowers and jerseys next to their deceased icon. They shouted "thank you diego," or "i love you, diego".

Toward the end of the wake, chaotic scenes ensued. Fearing that they would not be allowed to see the coffin of their idol, some fans forced their way into the casa rosada. Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd. Inside the seat of government, maradona’s coffin was moved to safety in another room.

Dispute over absentee ballot moves to center of u.s. Election campaign

Dispute over absentee ballot moves to center of U.S. election campaign

Because of the corona pandemic, absentee voting and the stricken postal service are taking center stage in the hot phase of the U.S. Election campaign.

President donald trump warns of the biggest election fraud in history, while his challenger joe biden and democrats portray the postal service as the savior of democracy in times of corona virus. They accuse republican trump of weakening the post in order to manipulate the election. New post chief vows swift improvement ahead of congressional questioning this week. The house of representatives is even interrupting its summer recess because of the absentee ballot crisis.