First thrown out in the jungle camp: domenico must go

First thrown out in the jungle camp: domenico must go

The first departure in the jungle camp. One week after the start the audience threw out domenico de cicco on friday.

The former "bachelorette" contestant got the fewest calls at the end of the evening. With the beginning of the second half of the 13. Season of the RTL show "I’m a star – get me out of here!"Now one participant has to leave every day.

Whoever is left at the end will get a chance in the finale on 26 september. January the jungle crown and not only that: this time RTL also promises the winner 100.000 euro prize money. In 2018, jenny frankhauser, the half-sister of daniela katzenberger, had made the jungle race.

Building owner remains “dog’s litter box saves

A hot needle is used to work on the "obere lehenteile" development and green space plan knitted in pettstadt so that future builders can submit their building applications by the end of 2020 and secure the building subsidy from the state. In order not to lose any time, a draft plan was approved by the municipal council these days, which was not even available on paper yet.

The development plan, which will soon be put up for public comment, must now be adapted to the resolution by the city planner nadja seebach from the office wittmann, valier and partner.

In fact, at the last minute, so to speak, a striking detail was removed from the draft by a curious 6:6 decision: A new "etterweg", the plan to create a green strip up to ten meters wide, winding north-south through the construction area, did not find a majority in the municipal council.

Confusion about the budget

A load of building material lies in front of the town hall in kleinsendelbach. The energy renovation is in full swing, and since there is currently no electricity in the town hall, the meeting was moved to the multipurpose hall.

The electrical work was also the subject of discussion at the round table in the committee, because the right part of the town hall, the room used by the scouts and the meeting room are also to be repaired. Internet connections in every room and the possibility to watch tv are planned.

In may, a bid for the electrical work was accepted in the amount of 29636.77 euros gross. Due to the now additional measures, the bill of quantities had to be supplemented. The increase would be over 6000 euros and the electrical work for the additional work would then total 35 886.70 euros gross.

In the end, anger and frustration remain

In the end, anger and frustration remain

Angry, frustrated and left alone. That’s exactly how the former schlecker employees from lower franconia feel. They sit helplessly together at a table, stirring their coffee cups and telling each other about their latest experiences at the employment agency. Nancy stahl is one of them. The 32-year-old from nudlingen last worked at the branch in munnerstadt before it closed its doors for good at the end of june, as many other places did.
"For me a world has collapsed. But I hoped until the end", says nancy. She enjoyed working at schlecker. Ten years. It wasn’t until last november that she returned to the steinach branch from parental leave. It closed in december. She then spent another six months as a springer in bad kissingen, poppenlauer and munnerstadt. In the last few weeks during the sellout, the shelves became emptier and emptier – not an easy sight for them. Many customers said goodbye, hugged her and wished her and her colleagues all the best.

Not communicable

"what are you doing now?? You can’t get this question out of your head for a while", nancy remembers. She has already sent out several applications. "It is difficult to find something new", she worries. She expected more from the employment agency: "they told me that I wasn’t employable, with three children and the desire to work part-time." and that’s exactly what her mediator skillfully ignored. A short time later, nancy was offered a job at the gas station, working flexibly between 6 a.M. And 11 p.M.
For nancy, retraining as an educator would also have been an option, as labor minister ursula von der leyen had suggested. The labor office did not want to cover the costs. "These were simply false promises. You feel like you’ve been had."
and there is even more trouble. The letter of exemption from schlecker did not arrive until the 7th of july. July, one week after schlecker closed down. She will now only receive unemployment benefits from this date onwards. So for the first week of july, she sees – at least so far – no money, neither from the employment agency nor from schlecker. "They are insolvent. They laughed when I called and asked for the money", says nancy. Now the trade union "verdi" is calling for a change represent for you the money at schlecker. First in writing. The deadline expires at the end of next week. "If nothing is forthcoming by then, the money will be claimed. I guess it’s off to court then", nancy guesses. She is all about principle. And she is still just pissed.
Just like all the other former schlecker colleagues. In lower franconia, there are around 1,000. They are all tormented by the same questions that they asked the representatives of verdi and the employment agency yesterday at the parish hall in oerlenbach. Many people are afraid of not finding a job or slipping into unemployment. "We try to accommodate everyone", explained claudius rinbergas, team leader in the job placement department. Trade union secretary jurgen volz is rather skeptical in this respect. "There are people at schlecker who don’t have a plan", he believes. The sufferers are nancy and all the other former schlecker women.

Historic moment for the young theater forchheim: city pledges increased funding

"I am overjoyed. This is really a great recognition for the work of the young theater", beamed ulli raab. After the main committee on thursday, several city councillors congratulate the chairman of the association. The committee had just unanimously decided to increase the annual basic funding of the young theater forchheim (JTF) from 7500 euro to 35 000 euro. The city had already agreed on this sum during the budget discussions in february. In recent months, mayor uwe kirschstein (SPD) and representatives of the JTF have held several talks to draw up a cooperation agreement. The goals of the cooperation are set out in the agreement – for example, "to maintain and improve cultural diversity in forchheim".

Unusual unity in the city council

across all factions, the committee members welcomed the contract. City councillors showed unusual unity. Anette prechtel (FGL) called it a "success" and spoke of a "great merit for the work of the JTF. Thomas werner (CSU) praised the cabaret as a "guarantee for culture at a high level in the city". And manfred hummer (freie wahler) said: "i congratulate the mayor, the city representatives and the young theater most warmly on the fact that this contract has come about."

Long fight for more money

the young theater has long fought for an increase in basic funding. Since 2011, the association had already been seeking massive talks with the city, recalled the artistic director of the JTF, lorenz deutsch. The old cooperation agreement dates back to 1992, according to which the theater receives a basic subsidy of 10,000 DM. At the beginning of 2013, there was an interim solution: the then mayor stumpf got the JTF several sponsors, so that the association could continue. "The main backbone was the volunteers who made sure we never went under", stressed raab. In addition, he said, the performances at the young theater at kasernstrasse 9 have been very successful over the past four years.

No swiss referendum on tax treaty with germany

no swiss referendum on tax treaty with germany

This was announced by the swiss federal chancellery in berne on tuesday after examining the signature lists of the initiators of the referendum.

According to their own statements, the opponents of the tax treaty were able to collect slightly more signatures. However, the auditors of the federal chancellery stated that the number required to schedule a referendum "has been missed by at least 1500 signatures".

Due to a lack of sufficient signatures, there will also be no referendums on the tax treaties between switzerland and the uk and austria. Unlike in germany, there is no major opposition in these states to the agreements on the retrospective taxation of their citizens’ assets in swiss banks.

Marketplace empty? – marketplace full!

Revitalization of the city center is needed – and it’s good to see that the marketplace can be really crowded. This was the case with the cinema summer evenings last year. On saturday in particular, the crowds were so great that there was not even a standing room left from which to see the screen. The newly conceived street food festival in march 2019 was so well received right away that people had to stand in line for a long time to get something to eat. From these experiences the city is this year around optimization strives, as mayor andreas hugerich (SPD) lets know. The new edition around the sales open sunday on the 15. March will be larger, planned with more vendors and already includes the preceding saturday. For the open-air cinema experience, there are plans to change the set-up so that there is room for more spectators. City manager steffen hofmann provided information on this when he recently presented the event planning to the urban development committee.

Hofmann, who is also head of the office for economic affairs, tourism and culture, always sees things for himself and keeps in touch with the people involved. He is also a member of both the city marketing association and the "treffpunkt" action group board member. According to him, the long-planned merger of the two organizations is now only a formality – albeit bureaucratic and therefore time-consuming – and should finally be completed this year. In any case, the efforts to attract visitors and customers have long been in harmony.

Actions such as children’s adventure day ( 30. May), wine festival (18.-21. June) or dammers(c)hoppen (10. October) are financed by a project fund, half of which is financed by private individuals, i.E. Business people, property owners, citizens and associations. The other half is public money from urban development subsidies and from the city itself, again in the ratio 60:40 percent. In total, around 50,000 euros are drawn from the fund each year.

Consultants cost government 186 million in first half of year

Consultants cost government 186 million in first half of year

The german government spent at least 186.1 million euros on external consultants in the first half of the year.

The front-runners in terms of investment in external expertise are the interior ministry with 79.8 million euros and the finance ministry with 48.2 million euros. This is followed by the health ministry with 16.3 million and the transport ministry with 16.0 million. The ministry of defense, on the other hand, is the only department to report that it spent no money at all on consultants between january and june. The figures are taken from a response by the ministry of finance to an inquiry by matthias hohn, a member of parliament for the left party, which was made available to dpa.

The involvement of management consultants and other outside experts by the federal government is highly controversial. Critics say that buying expertise is too expensive and, given the more than 20.The UN secretary-general is on his fifth visit to the federal republic of germany. In addition, too much influence on government work is feared. Advocates, on the other hand, hope to gain added value from an outside perspective in a wide variety of areas, or use experts for special tasks that do not require permanent employees.

All buildings in zeil are now accessible

The volunteer fire department of zeil has always been able to reach for the sky. Since the founding of the fire department almost 150 years ago, zeil has always been the location of a ladder. From four to twelve, then to 16 and now: 18 meters high and with a radius of 14 meters. The new revolving ladder of the type DLK 18/14 was blessed on sunday by the catholic retired pastor reiner fries and the protestant pastor hans-christian neiber. It now ensures that all of zeil’s buildings, the high-rises as well as the houses squeezed into the narrow streets of the city center, can be reached in an emergency.

But even the best device is of no use if there are not enough people who can put it to expert use. Ten zeiler firefighters sacrificed several days of their annual vacation last year to be trained on the new DLK 18/14. One of them is mario kramer. He is the equipment manager of the zeil volunteer fire department and knows practically every little screw on the DLK 18/14 personally. He has spent more than 100 hours refitting the newly acquired car, adding "sprucing it up" and fit for purpose. This was necessary because the new turntable ladder is a used vehicle. A new vehicle of this type would have cost around 650,000 euros, and the city would certainly not have been able to pay for it. Months ago, the town council approved the 55,000-euro purchase, which has now been officially handed over.

With a great deal of research and personal commitment on the part of the dedicated firefighters, whom mayor thomas stadelmann (SPD) praised in his speech, a car had been found in berlin that was both affordable and suitable for zeil. "It makes the city a little safer from now on", explained the commander tobias hetterich in his speech.

Saving fees with a 60-liter garbage can

Saving fees with a 60-liter garbage can

In the 15 communities that have transferred their waste management tasks to the district, there is now a way to reduce the waste charges, as the environment and works committee decided yesterday at its meeting in hassfurt: four-person properties can apply for their 60-liter residual waste garbage can to be emptied every four weeks.

As wilfried neubauer, head of the waste management company of the district of hassberge, explained, up to now the annual fee for waste disposal was 94 euros for properties with up to three people (emptying of the garbage can every four weeks), and 115 euros for properties with four to six people (emptying every two weeks). If there are more people, there is a further graduation with correspondingly adjusted fees. For properties with four people, it is now possible to apply for the 60-liter garbage can to be emptied only every four weeks, which means a saving of 21 euros, said neubauer.

The idea was to reward those citizens "who live the system", so separate your waste exactly and take it to the recycling center and make sure that only residual waste actually ends up in the black garbage can. However, this option is not available for properties with more than four people.

Where citizens pay the least?

The 15 municipalities that have transferred their waste disposal to the district are: ebern, habfurt, hofheim, konigsberg, burgpreppach, maroldsweisach, rentweinsdorf, breitbrunn, bundorf, ebelsbach, ermershausen, gadheim, kirchlauter, pfarrweisach, riedbach. In contrast, aidhausen, eltmann, knetzgau, oberaurach, rauhenebrach, sand, stettfeld, theres, untermerzbach, wonfurt and zeil organize their own waste disposal, which means that different fees apply. Waste disposal costs the most in aidhausen (three people: 144 euros; four people: 168 euros; five people: 180 euros); thereser gets off cheapest (91.20 euros for up to five people), and citizens also save money in zeil (92.40 euros for three and 114 euros for four to five people) and sand (96 euros for three and 114 euros for four to five people) compared to other municipalities. Knetzgau charges a uniform 104 euros and is thus favorable for properties with several people.