Atmospheric hoffest at the museum inn

The festival in the town center was very popular on both days and will probably replace the mountain festival on the wurmerich in the future as well. The musical entertainment and tasty food offerings put the audience in a convivial celebratory mood. In the spacious courtyard of the "stern the summer heat remained bearable.

On saturday evening the band "melly and clyde" enthused the audience with hits of great singers like chaka khan or tina turner, german pop music and many well-known oldies. Melly’s "power voice" was particularly impressive, and the support of percussionist herbert siedler and ulli knorr. The three musicians, who have been playing together for nine years, adjusted perfectly to their audience, at a moderate volume, and received a lot of applause. It was estimated that there was something for every age and taste. As the musicians themselves said, they liked the very good acoustics in the courtyard of the museum inn.

The board of directors had a lucky hand with the culinary offer, which in many respects was similar to that of the mountain festival. The big "racer were the "bergfest-goker", who once again provided a rush of visitors on sunday evening. The rhoner "spraubloaser" from several places of the rhon brought in unusual outfit native sounds, often to sing along, to the hearing. All in all, chairman werner herterich and his deputy peter brust gave a very positive summary of the hofffest. "We are extremely satisfied with the public response, even if the great afternoon heat prevented an even higher result", said a satisfied chairman werner herterich.

Youth service in the moated castle park

The park next to the small lake at the moated castle mitwitz: what an atmospheric backdrop for an open-air church service. On sunday, 24. June, the deanery board of kronach and teuschnitz of the BDJK (bund der deutschen katholischen jugend) moves outdoors again with a special service.
On 24. June goes the "morgenimpu(oo)LS" this year, for the first time on the meadow next to the small lake near the mitwitz moated castle, the event is already celebrating a small anniversary. Detached from rooms, this youth service is to take place deliberately in nature and also near a body of water. The service will again be celebrated by father waldemar brysch and pastoralreferent josef grunbeck. The service begins at 11 a.M. It is organized by the deanery management of the BDKJ kronach and teuschnitz. The musical accompaniment was provided by the band "church music".

Bring a seat

all worshipers are asked to bring picnic blankets, cushions or similar items. Around the castle there are good parking possibilities. In case of very bad weather conditions the initiators reserve the right not to hold the service.
The deanery board of kronach and teuschnitz is looking forward to many participants and invites all interested people to join them.

A concert for the composer horst lohse

A concert for the composer horst lohse

The kulmbach composer horst lohse has turned 70 years old. On the occasion of his anniversary, the city of kulmbach, together with the municipal music school, the upper franconia foundation, music franz and the cantorate, organized a concert in the petrikirche in honor of the kulmbach composer. The focus was on lohse’s "new music".

A laureate

the works written by the composer, who was born in kulmbach in 1943, have been heard all over europe. Lohse can make performances in st. Petersburg and in rome, he has received the friedrich baur prize for his achievements. He is a celebrity in professional circles. And it was also lohse who co-founded the new music association in bamberg in 1986. Until 1991 he acted as chairman, again and again he made a name for himself with his new music.

Flowers for the wife

but horst lohse is not only a composer. He worked as an elementary school teacher in bamberg and as a lecturer at the university of music in wurzburg. City councilor eddi trapper recalled the stations of the kulmbacher and was pleased about the concert that was initiated in his honor. While musically horst lohse with his three songs "to the river", "eldorado", "A dream" after setting the tone with poems by edgar allan poe, the composer’s own wife sabine lohse, daughter of the artist caspar walter rauh, stole the show: it was her birthday on the evening of the concert and she therefore took home the bouquet of flowers. The husband took it easy, because his music shaped the evening.

The cycle "fischgesange"

johannes kunel (guitar) and michael herrschel (narrator) interpreted poems from the cycle "fischgesange" to the pictures of caspar walter rauh. The poems were penned by the kronach writer and artist ingo cesaro. And also with the composition "fremder vogel" (strange bird) from the opera "sabelita, created two years ago and completed in 2012, horst lohse showed his compositional talent. Michael herrschel read the text, monika teepe (soprano) and lorenz trottmann made music.
But not only secular things were thematized. Horst lohse also took on the seven deadly sins and interpreted them musically. Sirka schwartz-uppendieck played "luxuria – wolllust", "acedia – inertia" and "avaritia – geiz" on the organ – and touched the listeners in the heart.

In the ramp light

at the concert for horst lohse, not only his own compositions were heard, but also other kulmbach composers – or composers who have a connection to kulmbach – were put in the spotlight. Harald streit and lorenz trottmann stretched the bow into the past and let the intrada and galliarda in G by johann staden resound. Johannes staden was born in nuremberg in 1581, and was organist to the margrave of bayreuth from 1604 onwards. After a fire, he moved his residence to kulmbach in 1605. Anja gimpel-henning, lisa stenglein, susanne trottmann and walter schleicher performed four dance movements from "neue teutsche lieder", also by johann staden.

The "albumblatt

on this composition is even "culmbach" noted as location. Two arias from the opera "seelewig" by sigmund theophil staden, the second son of johann staden, were performed. This was, after all, the first german opera that has been preserved in its entirety. Monika teepe (soprano) sang, lorenz trottmann played the piano. At the concert there was also the "album sheet" by johann lauterbach, a composer born in kulmbach who became known as a violin virtuoso and was concertmaster of the sachsische staatskapelle in dresden, on the program.

The surprise

as a surprise there were two world premieres to be heard in the petrikirche. It was written by lorenz trottmann from kulmbach, who is only 21 years old and studies piano at the hochschule fur musik in nuremberg as well as trombone. Trottmann played the very tender and appealing work "fragmente, op. 19" as well as "the city". He was accompanied by julia hausler (soprano).

Who is banksy?

Who is banksy?

Dismayed faces at the auction: at the beginning of october, banksy’s work "girl with balloon" was destroyed in london. Shortly after the last bid was received at sotheby’s auction house, the painting cut itself into pieces: a shredder hidden in the frame cut the motif in half – what was left were shreds.

Actually banksy wanted to destroy his work completely, as a video on his website shows. About two weeks later, at an auction of several works in paris, a surprise like the one in london failed to materialize.

The action in london, however, has reignited speculation about banksy’s identity: who is behind the street artist?? For more than 25 years, this question has remained unanswered. In the meantime, the wildest theories have grown up around the british artist: is the singer of a band behind it?? Or a woman, after all, who even runs an entire collective?

Musical journey through time for pupils

Ebern- under the motto "music for students", fosel explained was the title of a lesson on friday morning: three professional musicians who normally play for the non-profit international foundation for the promotion of culture and civilization had come to ebern to give a concert at the friedrich-ruckert-gymnasium and then also at the dr.-ernst schmidt secondary school.

Realschule principal hartmut weis was pleased to welcome three professional musicians to his school. "We have just a culture-poor time, the more I am glad that you can hear today music at the highest level", he said to the students. The event came about at the intention of heiko muller, music teacher at the realschule ebern. He and tenor singer martin fosel used to be classmates. Fosel, who led through the approximately 50-minute program, emphasized that music is currently being neglected. "I think this is a nice change for you today in your school day", he called out to the children, whom he included in his remarks.

After introducing his two musical colleagues, the three artists took the students on a journey through the history of music, beginning with the renaissance, which is one of the most dazzling and everlasting epochs of mankind. The part of the otherwise usual orchestra took over professionally the concert pianist susanne strauss at the piano. The professional musician rebekka wagner shone on her violin as well as the tenor fosel with his singing.

After the sliders eagerly swayed

While the stores in coburg’s city center close on saturday evening and the streets seem deserted, more and more people flock to the marketplace. Already up to the side alleys one can the "rutscher" in all its variations smell and hear rock ‘n’ roll classics like "stand by me" and "my girl.
The coburg dumpling market attracts again this year with a varied culinary offer and rousing live music. Until the big rain yesterday afternoon the people of coburg celebrated their favorite food.
While the queues at the stalls were not too long on saturday, there was a lot of activity on sunday afternoon. But due to the varied offer the crowds get lost, so that the waiting times are short. The dumpling market serves as a meeting place for friends and families. There is something for every taste: whether the classic sunday roast or the dumpling pizza for curious palates.
The guests enjoy the different delicacies, afterwards they stay and enjoy the live music. The dance floor in front of the stage is also filled on saturday evening with young and old visitors, who enjoy themselves to the sounds of "gery and the johnboys" move.

Also a feast for the little ones

but even those sitting on the beer benches sway with. The children are allowed to stay up late, enjoy a dumpling with gravy and dance along in their parents’ arms. Saturday evening was the highlight of the coburg dumpling market for young and old alike.

Kissinger summer: music knows no language barriers

Kissinger summer: music knows no language barriers

It is an interesting troupe that has already performed at the kissinger summer for the second time this year – and can gladly continue to do so: the "ensemble 2012 russia-germany". This is an initiative in which students from the moscow conservatory and the two berlin music academies came together in 2012, the russia/germany cultural year, to make music together across borders and cultures – a project sponsored by valeri gergiev. In bad kissingen, a nine-member group performed in two concerts.

The first concert was dedicated to two piano quartets, first the quartet in B-flat major for piano, clarinet, bassoon and horn by mikhail glinka, a rarity in the repertoire, played with great vigor by the bassoon and horn, colored with virtuosity by the flute, and driven by the piano in a pausing and almost mercilessly permanent manner. And it was precisely because the three played so well and handled the technical refinements so casually that it was noticeable that glinka did not come up with too much, especially in the first movement.

The youthful approach also did the quartet for piano, violin, viola and violoncello a lot of good. Although the four musicians also hit the balladesque tone of the opening beautifully. But they played strongly on creative confrontation, avoiding any kind of ponderousness. On the other hand, the andante was also performed very quietly and with a touch of mystery. The whistle of the rondo alla ongarese was of course not missed by them.