First graders get reading material

First graders get reading material

People who can read are more successful in life, because reading makes you smart. Those who read write better essays, make fewer spelling mistakes and even understand math problems better.
As part of the "lesestart" campaign of the federal ministry of education, the "stiftung lesen" (reading foundation) presented a gift to the children the 52 first-graders at rottenbach elementary school also each received a lesestart book bag. Inside was one of five exciting, age-appropriate books ("the magical animals", "city, country, pond", "A sloth goes to school, "my first reading adventures", "curtain up!" ) and a multilingual reading guide for parents. Teachers renate stumpf and renate fischer, together with daddy kari and son bu, presented the two characters of the reading primer "caribou" with a gift, the reading bags and congratulated the children, who all proudly revealed that they were already reading really well and enjoyed it.

Readers have had their day

parents, siblings and grandparents have served their time as readers, because the little ones now read for themselves in their cuddly corner, in bed or in a comfortable armchair. As there were five different books, teacher renate stumpf advised to swap the reading during the vacations, and whoever is willing and able to answer all questions about their book in a quiz at the beginning of the school year will get a little surprise. Finally, the teachers, together with kari and bu, wished the children happy vacations and lots of fun reading.
Johanna blum

One in three eu citizens perceives growing anti-semitism

One in three EU citizens perceives growing anti-Semitism

According to a study, about one in three EU citizens perceives an increase in anti-semitism in their country – but the proportion is much higher among the jewish population.

This is the result of a eurobarometer survey published in brussels. "Unfortunately, anti-semitism still rears its ugly head all over europe," said EU commission vice president frans timmermans. EU justice commissioner vera jourova stressed: "no one should be afraid to visit a synagogue or wear a kippa in the EU." at 27. January is international holocaust memorial day.

The perception of EU citizens as a whole differs significantly from that of the jewish population. This is shown by a comparison of the new survey with a survey of the EU agency for fundamental rights, which had questioned the jewish population in twelve EU countries in december. According to the report, 36 percent of the population as a whole perceive increasing anti-semitism, while among jews the figure is 90 percent.

Things are boiling in herzogenaurach’s open-air swimming pool

After a poor start to the season due to a rainy may and delayed opening because of ground work, the outdoor pool in herzogenaurach can now no longer complain about a lack of visitors. "Temperatures like in africa, said uschi rattmann on wednesday afternoon.

When summer begins in the aurach city, full pools and sunbathing lawns as well as waiting times at the ticket office of up to one hour are the order of the day. However, the open-air pool counteracts the rush with a second ticket office.

At 6 o’clock in the morning, when herzogenaurach is still asleep, the open-air swimming pool is already open for business. The cleaning of the pool with a special robot, which travels the whole night over the bottom of the pool, the rinsing of the filter systems and the disinfection of the showers and changing rooms are pending. It takes an hour for the team of lifeguards and cleaners to get the outdoor pool ready for daily use. This includes such things as control of the lawn and collection of found objects.

Memmelsdorfers have great fun at the parade

The municipality on the alster was dominated on sunday afternoon by the fools, whose number, however, as far as the procession itself was concerned, was limited and in terms of size has never been so few. "Little bees" from had lined up, which made themselves strong for blooming meadows, and the brass band gereuth provided for schmissige tunes.

Mayor helmut dietz, escorted by local councillors birgit finzel and "viking" gerald karl, led the procession. The "memmelsdorfer girls" the children were buzzing along as little bees, showing their colors for biodiversity and spreading their "pollen" for the environment by spreading flower seeds among the people. "Everyone can do what for the environment, scatters simply our seeds and looks in the summer to the bees out", was her slogan.

Great anniversary of the red cross preparedness in memmelsdorf

The local red cross group drew attention to its big event, 50 years of BRK. "50 years, no end in sight, for us the BRK in memmelsdorf is duty", was written on their little wagon and "50 years, who would have thought it, we celebrate until the rind cracks." to the "founding fathers of the readiness applied: "poster, gunter, manni and schlacks, with the schwierzkes dieter was the foundation a klacks."

Christoph escher wins a bicycle

Christoph escher wins a bicycle

32 children took part in the bicycle tournament for the honorary pennant of the district of kulmbach on the grounds of the traffic school mainleus. The two traffic educators from the kulmbach and stadtsteinach police stations, cathrin hansel and ralf maisel, had organized the competition.

The first prize was won by christoph escher from the elementary school in mainleus, who won a bicycle worth 519 euros donated by the traffic police in the district of mainleus. He was followed by maria sprinzl and finja junker. The trophies for the three first-place winners were donated by the city of kulmbach and presented by mayor ralf hartnack.

The challenge cup for the best primary school class went to 4a from thurnau. Followed by himmelkron-lanzendorf and trebgast.

Kaspar-zeub-gymnasium celebrates summer

Kaspar-Zeub-Gymnasium celebrates summer

The musicians of the kaspar-zeub-gymnasium invited the school family to a summer concert. For the second time, the summer concert took place in the district culture room. The second part was new, where students, parents and teachers sat together with beer and bratwurst and other musical performances.

After the first piece of the brass band, principal renate leive welcomed the audience in the almost fully occupied kreiskulturraum, the auditorium of the KZG. It ended with a preview of the next school event in the district culture room, the performances of dance street on the last weekend of june and the first weekend of july.

The music department offered the audience a colorful potpourri of different styles. The mixed ensemble of strings and a clarinet, which gave calm and harmonious tones to the best, made the beginning.

Elephants at the albertsplatz in coburg

Elephants at the Albertsplatz in Coburg

"Elmar the elephant lives in his herd. He is colorfully checkered and always plays something funny", tells seven-year-old helen haas. All other elephants are "elephant-colored.
When elmar rolls itself in gray fruits, it goes down finally also in the mass of its kind comrades and is not recognized any longer. But because he is the only one who is funny and not boring, he gives himself away. "Then a rain cloud comes and washes his color off again", adds classmate lilli-maria katholing. In the end there is a colorful elephant party for all elephants and elmar is happy.
And what does elmar have to do with coburg? Quite simple – since recently elmar is in triple version at the construction fence at albertsplatz. Twice the 22 children strictly adhered to the template of the book of the same name, once they let off steam creatively and enthusiastically wielded their paintbrushes: elmar was decorated with colorful blobs, spinning tops and "with animal patterns they had made up themselves, says primary school pupil joshua zlatosca enthusiastically.
The second class of the lutherschule in coburg banned the colorful elephants with acrylic paints on large tarpaulins. With it the coburger housing construction then the barrier to the new building albertsplatz 4 placarded, as the responsible architect berthold haeutle explains.
Managing director andreas heipp wanted – as he did two years ago – a colorful design for the construction fence and turned to the coburg schools. "Everyone should have a share in the transformation of the square", he finds. Mayor norbert kastner and city manager annette kolb admired elmar and welcomed the creativity of the children. The works of art will now embellish the construction fence for a year. "Then the paint is probably peeling off", says the responsible class teacher heidi schulz-scheidt.

Bamberg schools must prepare for a greater influx of students

The city’s population has grown significantly in recent years, and rising birth rates and planned housing projects will also have a major impact on student numbers in the coming years. In its most recent meeting, the cultural senate agreed that infrastructural adjustments are necessary, which affect the schools in bamberg in particular.

"The top priority for consideration is the area east of the rail line, since the increase in student numbers there requires a bundle of measures that necessitates a corresponding lead time", explained matthias pfeufer from the municipal education office. In view of the dramatic increases in student numbers in some parts of the city – at the rupprechtschule alone, numbers are rising from 283 students in the current school year to an expected 443 in the 2024/2025 school year – the city faces major challenges, he said. This forecast is based on current data from the residents’ registration office and does not yet take into account the children who will be added in the next few years after various housing projects are completed.

The administration has been working for some time on approaches as to how the city of bamberg can meet these changed needs – and how receptive the individual schools still are. New containers are now to be set up at the rupprecht school. At the heidelsteigschule, containers will initially be expanded to accommodate the all-day program, while a feasibility study is prepared for the partial renovation and expansion of the school. And the pestalozzischule is to be used temporarily as a branch of the heidelsteigschule after the pending move of the fachhochschule des mittelstands.

Change at the top of the chapel building association

Change at the top of the chapel building association

The construction of a border and peace chapel on the former german-german border between burggrub and neuhaus-schierschnitz was an exemplary private initiative that attracted attention throughout germany. For 26 years willi bischoff led with great commitment the 47 member strong burggrub chapel building association, founded in 1990 – a few months after the spectacular opening of the border – by a few idealists. Founding chairman was hubert knauer.

At the annual general meeting in the horing inn, angelika rosenbauer now took over the responsibilities. There was a lot of applause for the 49-year-old burggruberin for this one. "I will continue this important historical legacy with all my strength," the speaker said, according to the new chairwoman.

In his retrospective, willi bischoff recalled the constructional feat. Since its inauguration 26 years ago, men and women have invested a lot of free time in its care, maintenance and finally also in renovation measures. The building has lost none of its fascination to this day. This year, he informed five groups of visitors, including three school classes, about the construction. For this purpose, friedrich burger from mitwitz has prepared a flyer free of charge. He also recalled the church festival service with the musical participation of the trombone choir.