46 Children at the nudlinger small animal breeders

46 children between the ages of six and twelve came to the clubhouse this year, where numerous helpers provided for a varied afternoon.

Flight of the peace pigeons

Chairman reiner wilm welcomed the girls and boys. After the presentation of the breeders, the program began with the traditional flight of white peace doves. Afterwards the children went to the adjacent meadow, where shepherd wolfgang huter and his wife were already waiting for the children with their animals. The girls and boys were allowed to marvel at and stroke the goats and donkeys in the outdoor enclosure.

In the exhibition hall, other club members had exhibited rabbits, pigeons and chickens of various breeds. Males and females were separated in two enclosure rows. The children’s task was to find the right pairs on a drawing. A special attraction this year was again the hatching of young chicks. The children were allowed to hold the chicks in their hands and pet them to their hearts’ content. The breeders were happy to provide information about the characteristics of the individual breeds.

Photo as a souvenir

Vanessa gessner photographed each child with his or her personal favorite animal and printed out the photos so that each child could take home a nice souvenir at the end of the day. In addition, the hardworking kitchen team provided food and drink.

Youth leader tobias schubert, numerous breeders and helpers were responsible for the organization of the event. Among others reiner wilm, gustaf wehner, michael gessner, eugen hillenbrand, edgar bickel, adalbert dobling, klaus langen and the kitchen team ute kiesel, annemarie kiesel and brigitte kiesel were involved. Participants and helpers judged the vacation program as a successful event. That’s why they were already looking forward to a new edition next year: growers and children want to come together again in 2019.

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