First thrown out in the jungle camp: domenico must go

First thrown out in the jungle camp: domenico must go

The first departure in the jungle camp. One week after the start the audience threw out domenico de cicco on friday.

The former "bachelorette" contestant got the fewest calls at the end of the evening. With the beginning of the second half of the 13. Season of the RTL show "I’m a star – get me out of here!"Now one participant has to leave every day.

Whoever is left at the end will get a chance in the finale on 26 september. January the jungle crown and not only that: this time RTL also promises the winner 100.000 euro prize money. In 2018, jenny frankhauser, the half-sister of daniela katzenberger, had made the jungle race.

Former "germany’s next topmodel" contestant gisele "heulsuse" oppermann had to take part in the jungle test on friday again. This time, however, she was beaming afterwards: she had to open quite a few combination locks – under difficult conditions. Sometimes mealworms and cockroaches, sometimes sticky molasses got in her way. Nevertheless, she was not deterred and in the end received seven stars. It seemed clear that the audience would not want to say goodbye to it right away.

Among the wobbly candidates, on the other hand, was tommi piper, who became known as the voice actor for alf and who, at 77, is this time the oldest jungle camper. However, it now also remains.

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