Zentbechhofen in stork fever

Zentbechhofen in stork fever

By our contributor tina meier

zentbechhofen – every day, the children in the zentbechhofen kindergarten near the parish hall admire the storks nesting on it. The joy is particularly great because after about twenty years a pair of storks has finally settled in centbechhofen again.
Last year, stork father edmund lenz, in cooperation with the fire department of hochstadt, renewed the nesting pad and transformed the old eyrie into the home of the pair of birds, with visible success now. Another reason to be happy are the two young storks, which are expected to be ready for flight in mid-july.
Watching the growing storks and seeing the parents fly back and forth is very pleasing to the local residents. This is reported by maria rub, who lives right next door to the parish house.
Bettina utzmann played a key role in the renovation of the horn. She describes how this has also strengthened the community in the village: people meet, exchange observations and everyone looks after the animals, which hardly show any shyness. "The storks simply belong to it", she enthuses "i hope they will come again next year."
she also describes how the stork pair has to defend their nest against other storks again and again. With so much interest, there’s no need to worry about the nest standing empty for years again.
Edmund lenz is planning an information day at the kindergarten in the near future to tell the children something worth knowing about their new neighbors. He would have liked to show them the little storks up close, but this will not be possible due to the airy location of the nest. With his commitment to the storks, he wants to infect the children: "after all, they are the future."

Allofs, hecking and the difficult magath legacy

Allofs, Hecking and the difficult Magath legacy

Ivan perisic had not been with vfl wolfsburg for a whole day when he had already stunned everyone at his new club for the first time. "I know every name here," said the millionaire purchase of borussia dortmund after his transfer. At the same time, it’s not so easy with the "wolves". 35 players are part of the much too large squad of the bundesliga soccer team, some of them like ferhan hasani, mateusz klich or yohandry orozco are not even known to every vfl fan. "This is not good for a team," explained perisic. "But I think that was more the fault of the sports director, who was here before mr. Allofs."

Klaus allofs, dieter hecking and felix magath’s difficult legacy – it’s a thorny issue that will keep wolfsburg busy for some time to come. Although the new sports director and the new coach are working in the training camp in belek on the turkish riviera above all to give the vfl more continuity, sporting success and a new image again. But to do that, they also first have to clean up legacy issues left by their predecessor, who was fired in october.

"We are working hard to reduce the size of the squad. In the next few days, we want to sign one or two players for other clubs," allofs said. Hecking had also emphasized right after taking office: "35 men in the squad is too much. With 20 players plus three goalkeepers and four, five more junior players, it’s easy to work well."

A piece of vestadt in the west

Aachen/coburgdumpling dough and fried sausages – somehow logical, as a souvenir, if one was visiting coburg. Annette and christian schorn always took this with them when they were in the city on the vest. But this time they came up with a different "souvenir"…

The couple has lived in aachen for 20 years. But both have connections to coburg, so annette and christian are here regularly. Annette: "in the fall vacations of 2019, we were out and about in the city center when we spontaneously came up with the idea of buying a manhole cover."

With the forwarding agency to aachen

That same evening, christian schorn and his father, who gave the couple the manhole cover, were at the CEB (coburger entsorgungs- und baubetrieb) to pick it out. "We have decided on the variant with the angular edging", says christian schorn. Until the manhole cover finally arrived in aachen, passed scarcely three weeks. "It was easier to buy the cover than to find a forwarding agency to deliver it to aachen."

Bayer wants to overturn new gez fee in court

Bayer wants to overturn new GEZ fee in court

A bavarian wants to overturn the new financing model of ARD and ZDF. Ermano geuer, a lawyer from passau, wants to stop the new regulation in the state broadcasting contribution treaty with a popular complaint before the bavarian constitutional court in munich. According to the report, from 1. January 2013 all households and businesses pay a levy, regardless of whether they even own televisions, radios or internet-enabled computers and smartphones. This is to replace the previously device-based fee. The plaintiff, who is a research assistant at the chair of public law at the university of passau, argues that this violates the principle of equality in the constitution, and that it is an objectively unjustified lump-sum payment.

Until the 15. The parties to the proceedings, namely the bavarian state parliament, the state government and the bavarian broadcasting corporation, which is financed primarily by fees, will be able to submit their comments to the constitutional court on october 1. "It will have to wait for the comments on the proceedings", said a spokeswoman for the court. Then also the plaintiff can express himself again. Experts do not expect a decision in the case before 2013. (az.: vf. 8-VII-12)

unfounded complaint?

Staffelstein guests can look forward to

Thermal queen michelle I. Was happy about her first assignment after the corona break: in the presence of anne maria schneider, head of tourism of the city of bad staffelstein, she drew ten winners from 3941 guest tickets.

The guest card offers vacationers many discounts and free services during their stay. In addition, every year ten visitors have the opportunity to win high-quality prizes in the guest card raffle.

The lucky winners of the first prize will receive an overnight stay for two persons with breakfast buffet in the landgasthof-hotel "schwarzer adler" in end. The runners-up can look forward to two "A beautiful day by the sea" awards including two massages in the obermain-therme look forward to. The guests in third place can look forward to five vouchers for a hydrojet massage at the theramed center for therapy and health. Fourth place consists of five vouchers for three hours’ admission each to the obermain-therme thermal baths. Two vouchers worth 25 euros each from the banz forest climbing garden are won by the guests in fifth place. The winner of the sixth place can be spoiled with a 60-minute massage in the schon-klinik. A consumption voucher worth 25 euros from the hotel "staffelsteiner hof" the guest on the seventh place receives. The eighth-place winner can have two 20-minute massages at the lautergrund rehabilitation clinic. Place ninth can be pleased in the "salt room at the health resort park" let us spoil you with culinary delights in bad staffelstein. The winner receives a voucher worth 20 euros. Place ten may be pleased likewise about a consumption coupon in the value of 20 euro. This is redeemable in the brewery inn hennemann in stublang.

Nudlinger afford themselves too many dropouts

TSV lohr II – DJK nudlingen 37:25 (16:14) – after a good performance in the first half, nudlingen’s handball players, who were without oliver speck and jens englert, got into serious trouble with the title favorites and suffered a nasty defeat, much to the annoyance of coach dietmar piechulek. From a well-functioning 6:0 defense, the djkler made life difficult for the home team at first. What happened shortly before and after the half time within eight minutes, drove dietmar piechulek the wrath blush in the face. The coach had to watch how the young foxes from lohr, all former youth bavarian league players, wore down their opponents. With eleven goals in a row for the hosts, the match was over. "We have lost a game here, which we could have won without further ado, but the short time before and after the change of ends was like a single blackout", piechulek summed up.
Goals for nudlingen: bastian kiesel (11/2), jan hofmann (6), benedikt weber (3/3), sebastian wilm, marcel przybilla, marcel muller, nico heer, alexander schmitt (1 each).

HSV bergtheim – FC bad bruckenau 28:29 (12:14) – players and coach of FC bad bruckenau were relieved after the first win of the season. "Even if not everything was gold what shone, the team had partly indicated, to which achievement it is capable", said klaus sieb. The team from bad badestadt always had an answer to the goals scored by the bergtheim team. FC bad bruckenau was kept alive by keeper patrick piller, who outgrew himself. With patrick krist he shared in between again and again the employment between the posts. Fight and will to win were the virtues that came to bear in the middle of the second half at 23:23. In an emotional final phase, the sieb proteges prevailed 25:25, 28:26 and 29:28, with a brilliant free throw by ex-bad bruckenau player tobias liebe being blocked in the last second.
Goals for bad bruckenau: alexander bauer (6), simon dietrich (5/3), oliver hilbert (5), maximilian richter (4/1), michael muller (3), peter karl (2), simon weiner, tom schumm, christian karl, leopold richter (1 each).

TV/DJK hammelburg – TSV bergrheinfeld 25:30 (12:16) – due to the drama in the final phase, it was certainly an extremely bitter defeat for the saalestadter. Jurgen scheller’s handball players led the berger team in the first half of the match, but were not able to take their lead into the break, because the back line lacked throwing power. Frank sell acted as the perfect playmaker on duty in terms of ball technology, but he also lacked consistency in his finishing. This was also evident from the fact that he failed to score a field goal. Simon winter stepped into the breach on this day, which the berger had not on the calculation. He threw bergrheinfeld’s defense into trouble and brought his team back into the game again and again, but in the end they lacked power and coolness at the opposing circle. When the hosts had shortened the score to 21:23, winter saw himself taken into man-to-man defence. "We lost the game immediately before halftime, when the berger punished our hair-raising and technical errors ice-cold with four goals in a row.", knew scheller.
Goals for hammelburg: simon winter (13), sebastian leurer (4), frank sell (2/2), holger friedl, sven roth (2 each), julian lutz, christoph schlereth (1 each).

Woman slain – seblach under shock

While only few meters further at the well-known seblacher christmas market contemplatively one celebrated, on sunday afternoon apparently a terrible family drama took place. A 46-year-old man is urgently suspected of having beaten to death his 69-year-old mother.

There is only scanty information on the course of events so far. In any case, one thing is certain: out of concern for the woman, an acquaintance informed the police. The officials of the coburg police therefore forced their way into the house in sudetenstrabe late sunday afternoon with the help of the sesslach fire department.

After just a few meters, the emergency services had the terrible certainty that their fears were justified. The homeowner lay dead in her ground-floor apartment. "The body had massive head injuries, which is why we have to assume a violent crime", sabine michalke of the press office of the police headquarters upper franconia communicated yesterday in the late afternoon. Still on sunday evening the criminal investigation department coburg and the public prosecutor’s office had taken up the investigations on the spot.

Son under suspicion

the suspicion is directed against the 46-year-old son of the victim. The man lives on the second floor of the house. He was found on sunday by the officials in his apartment. On the basis of initial findings, coburg police officers arrested the man for the time being.

How daycare centers work successfully with parents

About the federal program entitled "kita-einstieg: brucken bauen in fruhe bildung" (daycare entry: building bridges to early education) the family center in the district office in hassfurt offered an information event to the educators of daycare centers (kitas). Martin textor and ingeborg becker-textor spoke at the symposium on the topic of "pedagogy for parents – experiential evenings on children’s learning.

"Favorite district

ingeborg becker-textor was pleased to be in the district once again. During her previous employment (she was responsible for day care facilities for children at the government of lower franconia in wurzburg, among other things), the habberge was her "favorite county" had been, she confessed, according to a statement from the hassberge district office. "Believe me, I know all their kindergartens", she said.
The speakers have been active for many years as authors and as speakers in the areas of early education, family education and futurology. 25 educators accepted the invitation and learned a lot about new possibilities for positive and effective work with parents.

Many changes

among other things, mr. And mrs. Textor provided information about the changes in this area, accompanied group work and presented methods to motivate parents to participate in a parents’ evening. The educators learned which elements make a parent-teacher conference successful and worked out how a parent-teacher conference can be designed successfully, for example, to teach parents about children’s learning.

Peak season of construction sites

Yellow warning lights flashing. Bumper to bumper cars push their way across the A7 in front of the schraudenbach bridge (lkr. Schweinfurt). The sun reflects on the avalanche of cars. Signs at the edge limit the speed in the construction site to 80, then 60 km/h. They seem almost mocking, more than walking speed is hardly possible in the evening rush hour traffic. At vacation time, motor homes and fully packed station wagons still mingle with commuters. Stop-and-go is the result, every day. "I would never go through between four and six", says a 53-year-old man from schweinfurt, who travels to wurzburg every day for his job. Four construction sites lie in its path, four traffic jam hotspots. They are by no means the only ones in the region.
The autobahndirektion nordbayern is currently overseeing a total of 15 major construction projects in lower franconia. Smaller daily jobs such as asphalt renewal are also being carried out, says alexander leis, head of the wurzburg office. "We have a 450-kilometer-long road network with 540 bridges that we have to keep safe for traffic." there is work to be done, especially on the A 7 and the A 3, which are the most congested in northern bavaria and even in germany. According to the ADAC, more than 28,000 traffic jams were recorded on the A3 last year, 20 percent more than in the previous year. And this is likely to remain the case due to the massive construction work around wurzburg," said leis.
There, around the cathedral city, the A 3 is marked deep red on the ADAC’s congestion forecast map. The six-lane expansion began at the turn of the millennium, and the section between aschaffenburg and wurzburg is currently under construction. The construction volume for the wurzburg area alone, with the lowering of the roadway, the heidingsfeld viaduct and the katzenberg tunnel, amounts to 220 million euros, says alexander leis. All current projects in lower franconia (see graphic) together would amount to 700 million euros. "The federal budget financing has improved noticeably in recent years, so that we can now implement many projects that bavaria had prepared on drawer in the medium term", says leis.

18 kilometers to be opened this year

leis is aware that the current brisk construction activity is a burden on commuters and vacationers alike. "We may have to narrow the lanes at construction sites, but the number of lanes will not be reduced during major projects such as on the A3. Otherwise the traffic would collapse." the expert hopes that the section between aschaffenburg and wurzburg will be completed by 2019. And: "in the wertheim/marktheidenfeld area, we want to open up 18 kilometers this year." but it still doesn’t mean a free ride on the A3. The expansion is to continue beyond wurzburg in the direction of erlangen, and the contract award procedure is currently underway.
The ADAC also sees no reason to "sound the all-clear" on germany’s second longest highway: the A3 will probably remain the traffic jam leader in the coming years due to the further expansion to nuremberg. In comparison, the A7 appears to be running smoothly at first glance, with around 8,000 reports of congestion in 2016 – although this is an increase of a good 40 percent compared to 2015. The main culprits here are dilapidated bridges that can no longer withstand the heavy traffic.
By 2030, more than 20 bridges along the entire A7 will have to be renewed, says alexander leis. Five construction sites are currently in his area: the rothof, kurnach, pleichach, schraudenbach and kloffelsberg viaducts. This means that we are already putting road users through quite a lot, says leis. In two years, the werntal bridge is to be added to the congestion. "At some point in 2020, marktbreit will also be added," says a 53-year-old man from schweinfurt. "But after that, we will first have to work through the existing construction sites."
30 kilometers from the biebelried interchange to schweinfurt/werneck. Actually not a long way. Six kilometers of it, however, commuters are currently driving through construction sites – and mostly in traffic jams. That stresses and costs nerves. "I live with the traffic radio to avoid traffic jams", says, for example, the 53-year-old schweinfurt resident. When the A 7 is closed, he uses the B 19 as a detour. That doesn’t always work out: "all the alternative traffic is then on the road and it can happen that you’re driving bumper to bumper again.
The ADAC also warns against this. "If there is a traffic jam due to congestion, it is better to stay on the autobahn because the alternative routes are also overloaded", says markus bachleitner, head of traffic information. In addition, at least vacationers should avoid construction sites and traffic jams and not be on the road between friday and sunday. According to ADAC statistics, those who do drive on country roads have to reckon with a higher risk of accidents.
And with it to stand at the end also on the federal highway at a road works sign. A good 25 construction projects are underway or starting this year in the area of responsibility of the state construction offices in wurzburg and schweinfurt. For example, the road surfaces on the B 19 (heidingsfeld to the A 3 junction) and on the B 27 (veitshochheimer strasse) are being renewed, as are the st 2271 in marktbreit and the st 2435 (wiesenfeld through-road).
In the fall, the B 19 from the county border (giebelstadt) to wurzburg, among others, is to be renewed in sections in the wurzburg district. At nine kilometers, this is one of the longest planned construction sites. "In addition, of course, our major measures, the mainbrucke ochsenfurt and the rudenhausen and rieneck bypasses, as well as the expansion of the through road in kurnach, are underway, according to the wurzburg construction office.
In the north of the region, the area of the schweinfurt construction office, construction is currently underway on the B 279 (wegfurt bypass), the B 285 (expansion of the section between nordheim and ostheim) and twice on the B 286 (renewal of kissinger strabe in bad bruckenau and renewal east of oerlenbach). The renewal of the road between oberebfeld and sulzdorf on the B 279 is scheduled to begin in august.

Why actually in summer?

Warning beacons, barriers and traffic cones adorn both country roads and highways in lower franconia. Only: why does it always have to be in the summer??
"Of our 15 measures, eleven will take several years anyway", says alexander leis from the highway department. "We can’t help it." such construction sites would have to continue in principle also in the summer, so that the time is minimized.
In other cases, such as when concrete is renewed on the A7 near feuchtwangen, "we tear out a lane and cannot interrupt this during the summer phase". For all construction projects, he said, the mild weather from march/april to november/december is actually necessary throughout the year. But: "if we can control it, we will certainly take measures in times with less traffic, not in the middle of summer." where this is not possible, commuters and vacationers will continue to drive through trellises of red and white beacons. To be on the safe side "always plan half an hour more for appointments", as the 53-year-old schweinfurt resident. And swearing in after-work and vacation traffic. Susanne popp

Finding eternal life

Ten jubilee confirmands looked back at their confirmation 25, 50, 60, 65, 70 and one even 75 years ago in the jubilate church in grund. In his speech, pastor hans-peter goll said that many – despite the long time that has passed – still remembered the special day when they said "yes to jesus christ and the evangelic church said.
Afterwards, the pastor recalled the film "the best comes at the end" (rob reiner, 2007). Here, the white, hard-hearted billionaire cole and the black car mechanic carter, who would have liked to become a history professor, are told by the doctor that they only have half a year to live. They slowly become friends and at the end of their lives decide to do the things that will give their lives joy and meaning once again – parachuting, car racing, sitting on a pyramid. In the end, it is their encounter with each other, their friendship, that makes their lives rich. One learned humanity, the other overcame the disappointment of not having achieved his original goal in life. The best that should come to an end, to experience something majestic, they do not manage anymore.
"Christians, on the other hand, find eternal life in the encounter with jesus christ", said goll. "They are children of god through jesus christ. That becomes visible at the end, when they meet god in his majesty."
katja thieroff and heiko stumpf celebrated their silver confirmation, angela schwarzenau their golden one. 60 years ago hannchen ostermeier and siegfried schwarzel were confirmed, 65 years ago manfred scherbel, 70 years ago karl hartenstein, lisbeth olschlegel and waltraud lorner were confirmed. Gunter thieroff celebrated his crown jewel confirmation after 75 years. Michael wunder