New way of delivering parcels: federal transport minister wants to launch pilot project

new way of delivering parcels: federal transport minister wants to launch pilot project

Federal minister of transport andreas scheuer wants to test the delivery of parcels by subway in view of the increase in delivery traffic in cities. "I would be willing to do a pilot project with a city where we rebuild a subway and make a special package subway out of it", the CSU politician told the newspapers of the new berlin editorial society (saturday).

New delivery service to help reduce above-ground traffic

This train could run from two o’clock at night and transport parcels and packages to intermediate storage facilities – so-called micro-hubs – at stops in individual city districts.



Spahn criticizes spectator “patchwork” in professional soccer

Spahn criticizes spectator 'patchwork' in professional soccer

He would have very much liked "to have a common approach for the start of the federal league by the end of october," spahn said at an appearance with the chairwoman of the state health ministers, berlin’s senator dilek kalayci (SPD), in berlin. This also applies against the background that corresponding decisions of the 16 minister presidents with chancellor angela merkel (CDU) are less than two weeks old.

Professional soccer, however, had not waited for an all-german regulation on the return of spectators. With the admission of up to 4500 fans, bundesligist 1. FC union berlin this saturday in the test against the 1. FC nurnberg the next signal of the industry’s growing will to end ghost games. Most recently, bundesliga team RB leipzig received permission to play its first home game against FSV mainz 05 in mid-september in front of up to 8500 spectators. Hertha BSC will then play against eintracht frankfurt in front of around 4000 fans in berlin’s olympiastadion.

Spahn now stressed that a coordinated approach would make sense. "I think for acceptance as a whole, a uniform approach would be better."At the same time, the situation is the way it is. Local authorities would decide on their own responsibility. He hopes that everyone is aware – authorities and clubs alike – "that there is a great responsibility to ensure that the risks of infection are minimized in the process. If this succeeds, it can also serve as an example for other areas."The preliminary work of the german soccer league for a return of the spectators is good, spahn again praised. He has always said: "the decisive factor is on the field, not on paper."

Joachim hupp’s wanderings

Joachim Hupp's wanderings


Good news for the handball players of the landesliga relegated TV etwashausen: until now, the situation – at least for outsiders – was that the department does not care whether the team is relegated another time or not. The downward trend was simply accepted, including the move into the district league. The numerous departures were not replaced. Because one did not want or could not? In the meantime, however, reactions are leaking out, which indicate a change. If to descend, at least not without having tried something. The attempts looked in such a way that three former players (fresz, herrling, trabold) were addressed, in order to induce them to a return. Even if the efforts have not yet met with any tangible success, the effort suggests that the sausage impression may have been deceiving after all. Or is it the pure gate conclusion panic, because meanwhile also the responsible persons of the TV etwashausen do themselves heavily with it to play in the next season only district league?


Youth service in the moated castle park

The park next to the small lake at the moated castle mitwitz: what an atmospheric backdrop for an open-air church service. On sunday, 24. June, the deanery board of kronach and teuschnitz of the BDJK (bund der deutschen katholischen jugend) moves outdoors again with a special service.
On 24. June goes the "morgenimpu(oo)LS" this year, for the first time on the meadow next to the small lake near the mitwitz moated castle, the event is already celebrating a small anniversary. Detached from rooms, this youth service is to take place deliberately in nature and also near a body of water. The service will again be celebrated by father waldemar brysch and pastoralreferent josef grunbeck. The service begins at 11 a.M. It is organized by the deanery management of the BDKJ kronach and teuschnitz. The musical accompaniment was provided by the band "church music".

Bring a seat

all worshipers are asked to bring picnic blankets, cushions or similar items. Around the castle there are good parking possibilities. In case of very bad weather conditions the initiators reserve the right not to hold the service.
The deanery board of kronach and teuschnitz is looking forward to many participants and invites all interested people to join them.

Confusion about the budget

A load of building material lies in front of the town hall in kleinsendelbach. The energy renovation is in full swing, and since there is currently no electricity in the town hall, the meeting was moved to the multipurpose hall.

The electrical work was also the subject of discussion at the round table in the committee, because the right part of the town hall, the room used by the scouts and the meeting room are also to be repaired. Internet connections in every room and the possibility to watch tv are planned.

In may, a bid for the electrical work was accepted in the amount of 29636.77 euros gross. Due to the now additional measures, the bill of quantities had to be supplemented. The increase would be over 6000 euros and the electrical work for the additional work would then total 35 886.70 euros gross.

A concert for the composer horst lohse

A concert for the composer horst lohse

The kulmbach composer horst lohse has turned 70 years old. On the occasion of his anniversary, the city of kulmbach, together with the municipal music school, the upper franconia foundation, music franz and the cantorate, organized a concert in the petrikirche in honor of the kulmbach composer. The focus was on lohse’s "new music".

A laureate

the works written by the composer, who was born in kulmbach in 1943, have been heard all over europe. Lohse can make performances in st. Petersburg and in rome, he has received the friedrich baur prize for his achievements. He is a celebrity in professional circles. And it was also lohse who co-founded the new music association in bamberg in 1986. Until 1991 he acted as chairman, again and again he made a name for himself with his new music.

Flowers for the wife

but horst lohse is not only a composer. He worked as an elementary school teacher in bamberg and as a lecturer at the university of music in wurzburg. City councilor eddi trapper recalled the stations of the kulmbacher and was pleased about the concert that was initiated in his honor. While musically horst lohse with his three songs "to the river", "eldorado", "A dream" after setting the tone with poems by edgar allan poe, the composer’s own wife sabine lohse, daughter of the artist caspar walter rauh, stole the show: it was her birthday on the evening of the concert and she therefore took home the bouquet of flowers. The husband took it easy, because his music shaped the evening.

The cycle "fischgesange"

johannes kunel (guitar) and michael herrschel (narrator) interpreted poems from the cycle "fischgesange" to the pictures of caspar walter rauh. The poems were penned by the kronach writer and artist ingo cesaro. And also with the composition "fremder vogel" (strange bird) from the opera "sabelita, created two years ago and completed in 2012, horst lohse showed his compositional talent. Michael herrschel read the text, monika teepe (soprano) and lorenz trottmann made music.
But not only secular things were thematized. Horst lohse also took on the seven deadly sins and interpreted them musically. Sirka schwartz-uppendieck played "luxuria – wolllust", "acedia – inertia" and "avaritia – geiz" on the organ – and touched the listeners in the heart.

In the ramp light

at the concert for horst lohse, not only his own compositions were heard, but also other kulmbach composers – or composers who have a connection to kulmbach – were put in the spotlight. Harald streit and lorenz trottmann stretched the bow into the past and let the intrada and galliarda in G by johann staden resound. Johannes staden was born in nuremberg in 1581, and was organist to the margrave of bayreuth from 1604 onwards. After a fire, he moved his residence to kulmbach in 1605. Anja gimpel-henning, lisa stenglein, susanne trottmann and walter schleicher performed four dance movements from "neue teutsche lieder", also by johann staden.

The "albumblatt

on this composition is even "culmbach" noted as location. Two arias from the opera "seelewig" by sigmund theophil staden, the second son of johann staden, were performed. This was, after all, the first german opera that has been preserved in its entirety. Monika teepe (soprano) sang, lorenz trottmann played the piano. At the concert there was also the "album sheet" by johann lauterbach, a composer born in kulmbach who became known as a violin virtuoso and was concertmaster of the sachsische staatskapelle in dresden, on the program.

The surprise

as a surprise there were two world premieres to be heard in the petrikirche. It was written by lorenz trottmann from kulmbach, who is only 21 years old and studies piano at the hochschule fur musik in nuremberg as well as trombone. Trottmann played the very tender and appealing work "fragmente, op. 19" as well as "the city". He was accompanied by julia hausler (soprano).

Relieving the burden on caring relatives

Relieving the burden on caring relatives

Theresa schiffl caring for a relative is a challenge: washing, doctor’s visits, hospital stays, the household and the often deteriorating state of health take a lot of energy out of the partner and family. Nevertheless, there is a lot of help such as nursing courses, discussion groups or cures. In addition, visiting services such as the care companions of the vdk social association provide respite from the daily care routine.

Visiting service for relief

"It’s a change for those affected and a relief for the family", explains dieter werthmann, chairman of the vdk local association lichtenfels. The advanced training for care companions is offered once a year. "Currently we already have five registrations. From ten the course takes place", so dieter werthmann.

One of the care companions is elke rauh. She has experience as a nurse and as a caring relative. With the pension she wanted to engage then honorary. "I visit a man who has a severe disability. In the two hours, we go for a walk or play schafkopf when the weather is nice.", she says and smiles. Over time, she says, a friendship and a relationship of trust develop with those in need of care. "He always looks forward to seeing me, his wife told me." recently he has also "I like the fei", says said.

Nuremberg mayor christian vogel on the frankenschnellweg and its future

Christian vogel (SPD) has been mayor for two years 2. Mayor in nuremberg and second most powerful man in city hall behind lord mayor ulrich maly (also SPD).

From city councilor to mayor – the trained businessman has had a picture-perfect political career in his home city. However, vogel has many open construction sites in the city. One could be forgiven for thinking that the 46-year-old is emulating the great comrade sigmar gabriel a bit, presenting himself as close to the people but politically hapless. The dispute over the intersection-free expansion of the frankenschnellweg with the bund naturschutz continues to smolder, the leaking pools of the dolphin lagoon in the zoo have not been repaired and a name sponsor for the stadium has still not been found.

In an interview with our newspaper, vogel explains why he and mayor maly have not always seen eye to eye over the past two years and how he wants to quickly clear up the biggest issue – the dispute over the frankenschnellweg expressway.

One in three eu citizens perceives growing anti-semitism

One in three EU citizens perceives growing anti-Semitism

According to a study, about one in three EU citizens perceives an increase in anti-semitism in their country – but the proportion is much higher among the jewish population.

This is the result of a eurobarometer survey published in brussels. "Unfortunately, anti-semitism still rears its ugly head all over europe," said EU commission vice president frans timmermans. EU justice commissioner vera jourova stressed: "no one should be afraid to visit a synagogue or wear a kippa in the EU." at 27. January is international holocaust memorial day.

The perception of EU citizens as a whole differs significantly from that of the jewish population. This is shown by a comparison of the new survey with a survey of the EU agency for fundamental rights, which had questioned the jewish population in twelve EU countries in december. According to the report, 36 percent of the population as a whole perceive increasing anti-semitism, while among jews the figure is 90 percent.

Opening is on 12. May

Opening is on 12. May

Brigitte krause and klaus schmitt

karin kraus and britta merkel don’t get much sleep these days. The animal protection initiative (ti) hassberge is currently working hard to set up the animal shelter so that it can go into operation in mid may. The fence surrounding the extensive open area will be completed in the next few days. Inside, the animal pens and enclosures are already largely finished. The walls are decorated with colorful and beautiful pictures, which give the facility a friendly atmosphere.

Artwork on the walls

TI chairwoman britta merkel and karin kraus are pleased with the efforts of laura may, bianca daumer, monika hofmann and annika masurek. They painted the walls. "Have you already photographed this? The signpost is my pride and joy", says britta merkel, who is of course happy about all the artwork on the walls. Many institutions, private donors and companies have also donated for the equipment of the animal shelter in the last weeks. At the moment, the application for an operating license is with the hassberge veterinary office at the district administration office in hassfurt. Animal shelter manager will be britta merkel with her deputy karin kaus. You both have the certificate of competence to run an animal shelter.
Very satisfied are the active, as britta merkel says, with the foyer of the animal shelter. The events and lectures in the animal shelter are to take place here in the entrance hall at a later date. With some actions the operators want to make sure that the animal shelter is an open house and accessible for the population. One of the first opportunities will certainly arise in june or july. Then the hassberge animal protection initiative celebrates its tenth birthday. With a firm in the pound.
First of all, one last very big effort is necessary: on wednesday, 9. May, all members and other helpers are welcome during the day. Then, before the opening ceremony on saturday, 12. May, 2 to 6 p.M. (zeller strabe 1, 97478 knetzgau) cleared up. The big final cleanup is coming up.
The new animal shelter between knetzgau and zell was inaugurated at the end of november. The key as the new operator was given to the animal protection initiative habberge, which is rebuilding the care of lost and found animals in the district of habberge.
In 2011, the animal shelter in hassfurt, then under the management of the animal welfare association of hassfurt city and country, was closed by the veterinary office of the district administration for hygienic reasons. Since then, the care of lost and found animals has not been clarified. The animal protection initiative (TI) habberge temporarily took her over on a private farm in oberschwappach. A new animal shelter was needed.
The search for a site took longer than expected. Possible plots of land in the district were shortlisted, but there was resistance from the population on several occasions. Since february 2015, the district of hassberge had certainty and acquired the property near zell. It could be built.