Libya: merkel, macron and conte threaten sanctions

Libya: Merkel, Macron and Conte threaten sanctions

Germany, france and italy threaten to punish countries that violate the UN arms embargo in place for libya.

"We are ready to consider the possible imposition of sanctions should violations of the embargo at sea, on land or in the air continue," a joint statement by chancellor angela merkel, french president emmanuel macron and italian head of government giuseppe conte said saturday evening.

Specific countries that could be targeted for sanctions were not named in the statement. France, however, has long accused turkey of violating the current embargo by supplying weapons to the troops of the libyan unity government. Turkey, in turn, accuses countries such as the united arab emirates of flouting the embargo by supplying weapons to government opponent general chalifa haftar.

Czech jan hernych fends off match points

Czech Jan Hernych fends off match points

The bundesliga player from BW neuss left no stone unturned, winning safely 6:2, 6:3 against austrian dominic thiem and will meet wild card holder nils langer on tuesday afternoon. There is another german-german duel before this match: franconian tennis talent kevin krawietz (former junior doubles winner at wimbledon) will face dominik meffert (ca. 13.30 p.M.).

One may move up

luck after his 6-3, 3-6, 4-6 loss to compatriot andis juska had the no. 1 of the seedings at the "pre-tournament": ernest gulbis moves up as a "lucky loser" into the main draw after ivan dodig, who stunned pundits at last week’s tournament in valencia by making it to the semifinals, canceled because of a back injury. He survived the 1,800-kilometer journey to franconia, but was unable to make it to the final. But after the grueling week of the tournament, his body wouldn’t allow for a corner stint. The croatian surged 43 ATP spots after his wins over kohlschreiber, hewitt and cilic.

Far too much bureaucracy and what needs to be done – discussion at the otto heil academy in bad kissingen

The construction industry and the skilled trades are groaning under the increasing bureaucracy, because more and more laws and regulations are tying up personnel resources and causing enormous costs. Nevertheless, reducing bureaucracy is a hot topic. At this year’s new year’s talk at the otto heil academy, this was the subject of a heated discussion with walter nussel, the bavarian state government’s commissioner for bureaucracy reduction.

In numerous speeches from the audience, it became clear that we are overburdening ourselves with regulations. The managing director of the construction company otto heil, peter heil, criticized in particular the handling of excavated soil, which had to be sampled at great expense and classified as waste and disposed of in landfills even in the case of a naturally elevated pollutant content. As a result, the costs for basements, underground garages and the like had exploded.

Walter nussel also saw a great urgency here. Together with experts, he has drawn up a backfilling guide to make it easier to deal with excavated soil.

Tv ebern looks forward to reunion with ex-striker simon fischer

TV ebern looks forward to reunion with ex-striker simon fischer

The teams of the coburg district soccer league still have eleven games to play. The teams from the district are mainly fighting against relegation.

Coburg district league

FC coburg II – SV heilgersdorf

SV heilgersdorf kicks off the tournament on saturday at 17:00.30 o’clock at FC coburg II. The men around trainer holzheid remember only reluctantly the first round match, when they came under the wheels with 2:6 in front of their home crowd. Heilgersdorf are currently in a relegation spot – they will do everything in their power to make up lost ground. The preparation was mixed, at least in terms of results.

Lowest unemployment rate in 20 years

Lowest unemployment rate in 20 years

In the meantime, the dynamism of the labor market is weakening, which is reflected in the decline in the number of registered vacancies. Despite this gloom, however, the labor market remains robust. "The latest figures on the economic trend give rise to hopes that unemployment will continue to fall, albeit at a slower rate.", explains brigitte glos, head of the coburg employment agency.

In addition to the registered unemployed, underemployment in the agency district includes a further 2481 people who are, for example, undergoing further training or part-time work for older employees. Underemployment fell by around ten percent compared to the same month last year. The reduction in underemployment is thus higher than the reduction in unemployment.

The number of unemployed people supported by the job centers fell by a good ten percent to 3320 compared to the same month last year. Within a year, almost 400 people in the SGB II sector ended their unemployment. However, the majority of all unemployed (about 51 percent) belong to the legal group SGB II.

Neunkirchen am brand: can judge mayor?

Neunkirchen am Brand: Can Judge Mayor?

Mayor heinz richter () did not get off scot-free in a special session of the municipal council. Rather, the CSU and SPD factions questioned his leadership qualities. Trust had also suffered, not least because of the financial damage to the community. Whether the municipal insurance would pay retroactively was uncertain. The reason for the criticism of the mayor and administration were the three audit reports on the results of the municipal audit, the years 2006 to 2015 comprehensively.

In demand several times

These audit reports were not dealt with, but were only now finally available to the market town councils – after several inquiries by the SPD. The municipal auditing association has audited the annual financial statements of the municipality, the internal processes and compliance with the relevant laws. But simply as if nothing had happened, the councillors did not want to go over to business as usual. Too much was in their opinion in the argen, which had to be addressed nevertheless.

Martin walz (CSU) was outraged that the matter is only being discussed now, even though the community has suffered financial damage. In addition, the supervisory authority has already intervened.

Elephants at the albertsplatz in coburg

Elephants at the Albertsplatz in Coburg

"Elmar the elephant lives in his herd. He is colorfully checkered and always plays something funny", tells seven-year-old helen haas. All other elephants are "elephant-colored.
When elmar rolls itself in gray fruits, it goes down finally also in the mass of its kind comrades and is not recognized any longer. But because he is the only one who is funny and not boring, he gives himself away. "Then a rain cloud comes and washes his color off again", adds classmate lilli-maria katholing. In the end there is a colorful elephant party for all elephants and elmar is happy.
And what does elmar have to do with coburg? Quite simple – since recently elmar is in triple version at the construction fence at albertsplatz. Twice the 22 children strictly adhered to the template of the book of the same name, once they let off steam creatively and enthusiastically wielded their paintbrushes: elmar was decorated with colorful blobs, spinning tops and "with animal patterns they had made up themselves, says primary school pupil joshua zlatosca enthusiastically.
The second class of the lutherschule in coburg banned the colorful elephants with acrylic paints on large tarpaulins. With it the coburger housing construction then the barrier to the new building albertsplatz 4 placarded, as the responsible architect berthold haeutle explains.
Managing director andreas heipp wanted – as he did two years ago – a colorful design for the construction fence and turned to the coburg schools. "Everyone should have a share in the transformation of the square", he finds. Mayor norbert kastner and city manager annette kolb admired elmar and welcomed the creativity of the children. The works of art will now embellish the construction fence for a year. "Then the paint is probably peeling off", says the responsible class teacher heidi schulz-scheidt.

Ig metall focuses on companies

IG metall focuses on companies

In the dispute over the 35-hour week in the eastern german metal and electrical industry, IG metall is preparing negotiations with individual large companies.

The thread of communication with the employers’ association gesamtmetall has not been severed, said the first chairman of the union, jorg hofmann, at the union conference of his organization in nuremberg. However, IG metall was systematically preparing to "tackle the issue on a company-by-company basis". The sites of major car manufacturers such as VW, BMW or porsche in the eastern german states are particularly suitable for this purpose.

For more than 20 years, trade unions and employers in the industry have been arguing about the 35-hour week, which has been in force everywhere in the west since 1996. IG metall last failed with a strike for equalization in 2003. Even in the current collective agreement from the beginning of 2018, 38 hours are still stipulated. At the beginning of october, IG metall declared the talks with the eastern german employers to be over. According to the employers’ association for the metalworking industry, just under 500 employees worked in the.000 people in the metal and electrical industry in eastern germany. A year earlier, 80 of them were employed under collective bargaining agreements.000.

For the first time women with the active wehr in brunnau

For the first time women with the active Wehr in Brunnau

The new elections for the brunnau fire department went off without a hitch. Almost all functionaries made themselves available again in the association and with the kommandantur. The commanders exchanged their positions, only helmut dallner did not run again as deputy chairman of the association.

New first commander is now christoph schmidt. His predecessor winfried hein stepped into the second rank. The association management consists further of the chairman gerd dull, its new deputy thomas pachtner, korbinian walter as cashier and matthias reuther as secretary. Cash auditors are still fred sebler and ernst schomig.

Winfried hein reported no serious emergency operations for 2019. Once a barrier had to be erected on the B 286 and, as so often before, a report came in when the st. John’s bonfire was held in the quarry – very well secured. There is however no useful regulation for it, since on the B 286 drivers must inform by cell phone the emergency call center and then alarm it.

Erdogan insists on course and has foreigners arrested

At the same time, during a visit to tunis, he again accused left-wing extremists of being behind the protests. "There are extremists among the demonstrators, some are linked to terrorism," erdogan said, according to media reports from tunis.

Police arrested seven foreigners in istanbul and ankara during protests, according to interior minister muammer guler. Among them was a german, the anadolu news agency quoted the minister in ankara as saying. In addition, two frenchmen, two iranians, a greek and a US citizen are in custody. Turkish media reported that the foreigners were accused of taking part in the demonstrations as provocateurs. Turkish reports that some of those arrested have diplomatic passports are false, according to guler.

The minister said that 915 people have been injured so far. Four people are in a critical condition, eight others are being treated in intensive care units. Guler put the damage to property so far at more than 70 million turkish lira (about 28 million euros). The number of dead in the protests rose to four, according to reports in several newspapers, after a police officer fell to his death from a bridge during an operation against demonstrators in adana.